Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII launches in Japan with low sales of 277k

It has finally happened. The epic conclusion to Lightning's saga launched in Japan last week and the first week sales are in. The results are disastrous, showing another 50% drop from the already low launch sales of previous entry.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - 277,082

Comparison of launch week sales for the FFXIII series:

2009: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - 1,501,964
2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) - 524,217
2013: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - 277,082



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This game is a bigger bomb than the bomb in the salikawoods, which is a location from the last good final fantasy game!
Nice title. It is as expected though.

I am curious to see what their shipment figures and week two sales are. I am curious what legs it may have.
It's gonna be outsold lifetime in Japan by GTAV.

Japan has allowed the West into their domestic console market by spending years offering people nothing. The kids I teach there talk about GTA, Call of Duty, and Minecraft almost as much as Monster Hunter or Pokemon.
market reality returns

Edit: I fucking hope and prey they chalk this down to people leaning away from "Traditional JRPG's" and more towards western games.....only to have Persona 5 sell gangbusters and make them look like a bunch of inept fucks.
This is really sad but I am sure a fresh 15 will be very successful. Curious to see it the series has been permanently damaged or what..
Why duckroll? T_T

As if the game wasn't already trashed enough. Oh God...

Well, but honestly, this was expected considering franchise fatigue and etc. And considering the budget for the game was probably way lower that the one for the other games, I am expecting SE to have more reasonable expectations and it will probably become profitable when all is said and done.
It's going to be interesting to see how well Final Fantasy XV sells. Not purely in Japan, but worldwide. It's obvious that these games have had a negative impact on the franchise, but I'm wondering just how bad.
The lesson I hope they learn: lets focus on making good main entries with realistic release dates instead of sequels

The lesson they will learn: lets do less console titles and more mobile milking of old games
Really great reading this, hope Square gets the picture now.

I imagine European/American sales will have a similar decline, if not a better one.

Day made.
Alarming numbers, but there's gotta be a lot of people that will not pick up an RPG sequel without finishing the predecessors first.

And MAN, it's hard to love both FF13-1 AND FF13-2. I found them quite different in a lot of ways.
Let's also ignore that it still outsold the next game in the week by almost a 3:1 margin.

I have said it before and I will say it again: the JP market is horrific now for any console game.

Kagari said that she thinks the LTD of the game can be a million and I am sure that will be the case when you take in the worldwide and DD sales. SE just needs to not overship this time.


I've played over 500 hours of DMC2 and consider the game good.
Fuck. That sucks :(

With all the advertisement (at least trailer-wise), I thought this would at least do as well as XIII-2.