Lily Bergamo was turned into Let It Die

Jan 8, 2012
@FarmboyinJapan: According to Famitsu, Lily Bergamo is no more, and has since morphed into the aptly titled "Let it Die": …

The interview begins with a brief discussion about the genesis of Let It Die and how it arrived at its current form. As it turns out, Let It Die is essentially the same game as the previously revealed Lily Bergamo that was shown off last fall, retaining the original idea of what the team is calling an “extreme action game” coupled with asynchronous online gameplay while expanding on them with survival aspects.

While it remains uncertain as to whether character designer Yusuke Kozaki will continue to contribute work to the game in this new form, it was confirmed that protagonist Tae Ioroi is no more, as players are now set to just play the game using their own avatars. The transition to the game in its current form commenced around the end of last year as a result of the previously mentioned creative soul searching that Suda and company underwent.

Building off what I mentioned from my translated summary of the article before since it seems to be getting missed by the torrent of replies coming in, it's also worth noting that Suda and Morishita mentioned that this teaser was basically rushed for E3 because they didn't originally intend to show the game off until Sony had a little room for them at the conference. The game in its current form is basically six months or so old; I'd seriously hold off until there's more substantial information out there before making judgments one way or the other, but that's just how I'd approach something potentially controversial like this~