Live countdown to major Persona team announcement from Atlus [Summary in OP]

Dec 8, 2008
When has the Persona series ever been on 3DS?

Why would they bother releasing P4A on consoles then?
You could say the same thing about a lot of other series. Like Final Fantasy for example. Even though Sony consoles would seem to be the most obvious platform for a Persona-game, it's only tied to that platform because only Sony platforms ever got a Persona-game. That doesn't rule out other platforms. But all I want is multiple platforms getting Persona-games. The more people who can play these games the better, imo.


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Aug 10, 2010
Anyway thuway just confirmed (?) Ninokuni 2 guys. New thread worthy? lol.
That's what I was thinking, why is everyone ignoring his post?

Everyone, I'm pretty sure it was pointed out that someone from Sony (can't remember if it was someone in particular or one of the regional PSBlogs) retweeted the Persona announcement countdowns, there's no way it's 3DS exclusive!


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Feb 1, 2008
In the cold.
love it when I refresh and the there's another full page o' posts.

Late night/early morning hype train is underway.

Do we know how long the 'announcement' is going to go on for? I remember it being said that there's a news interview with a VA afterwards, but can't remember if the time was mentioned.