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LLTP: The Apprentice


May 18, 2007
So on a lark I decided to seek out the apprentice and found it on Tubi of all places.

I’m kind of shocked after seeing nothing but Trump at a podium for 4 years he actually seems pretty mellow and reserved? It makes me wonder if this is the private Trump we generally don’t see? His questions are blunt not stupid and I guess I could see where that would rub career politicians and officials who are used with formality and process the wrong way. Still probably not voting for him but if Apprentice Trump is what he’s like behind closed doors he really needs to just stop tweeting and saying shit for shock value in front of a mic and be more like this.


Jan 2, 2013
I kinda liked this show. I tuned out after a few seasons when it became clear they weren't keeping on the most qualified guys but the ones best for TV ratings (good looking ones and/or crazy ones), but the first few years were pretty compelling. Trump is blunt but also pretty entertaining, although due to TV editing, he's not going to appear as hotheaded as he does on live TV.


Aug 3, 2010
a cave outside of Whoville.
This was a great reality show. I actually didn't watch it when it aired live because I just kinda hated all reality shows at the time and didn't know there were "good" ones.

I ended up watching every season of this show shortly before he got elected or maybe right afterward. It was so bizarre to watch our president hosting a shitty old reality show lol. But it's a great watch.