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lock him up! - baseball fans live reaction to donald trump


Jun 19, 2007
Our journalists:

God help us all.
It takes seconds of research to find out that Dana likes Trump. Dana spoke at the RNC for fuck's sake. Is it really so hard for them to figure it out?

I’m hearing there were boos and there were cheers and someone filmed a video in the boo section and that’s just become a narrative that the entire crowd was booing. Cos convenient
I've seen a few different videos from different angles and it seems to be consistently boos. Maybe some were saying boo-urns.

Super Mario

Mario Mario
Nov 12, 2016
If this video isn't the epitome of fake news, I don't know what it is.

For the sake of math, let's say the country is pretty closely half and half Republican and Democrat. Those are pretty good odds that almost half of people at any given time are going to dislike any politician. Plus, this is also a heavily Democratic area. It's like sending Obama to Texas.

Then to top it off, there's another video clip merged in this one with a section of people that don't like Trump. National news indeed.


Dec 10, 2006
West Lafayette, IN
lol you wish. Trump hasn't done anything wrong. The Demoncraps are just brainwashing you into thinking he's terrible by literally talking about him non-stop. We've got the best economy and lowest unemployment we've seen in DECADES. He's lived up to almost every one of his campaign promises and continues to work on fulfilling the rest.
You have to understand each stage in the economic cycles takes time to build up, who or what factors contribute to the booming of the economy after the crisis.

Yet I do not blame you for not knowing economics.