LocoRoco 2 Remastered announced for PS4

There's definitely a conceptual purity to the first LocoRoco, but by my metric LocoRoco 2 fundamentally iterated on the foundations of the first game by fleshing out the concept to a point where it actually felt 'complete'.

I agree that they should have just gone for a franchise collection from the outset.
Why not just announce it at the presser? I mean damn, they could also have shown a date announcement trailer for NI No Kuni 2 and an announcement trailer for the new Tropico on the presser.
But where is the Switch version?

That's a joke, don't ban me, please.

I wonder if they'll also do Midnight Carnival. Seriously, all 3 games should've released as a bundle, though I guess they wanted to offer a cheaper price. Anyways, I'll probably pick this up down the line. I love Locoroco. It's a damn shame the Vita never got any.
I enjoyed Locoroco remastered a lot. For those who played LocoRoco 2, are there significant changes compared to the first game? I had a quick look at some gameplay on youtube and it seems very similar, almost exactly the same, as the first game. Either way, this should be a day one purchase for me. It's a shame that it was announced in this way. It's also strange why some obvious issues in the remastered first game were never patched (e.g. the noise and slowdown in the end of level tune).