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Looking at Nintendo's potential third party support for the NX


Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney need to go somewhere after the 3DS, and Dragon Quest games are already confirmed for NX.

Also, yeah uh... There's optimism, and maybe things like Popolocrois which are small/obscure/non-core franchises can slide, but something like Ratchet and Clank being on NX? Seems a bit wishful.
Agreed. High hopes pegged on Mon Hun, but I've got even higher hopes, dreams really, that there may be a revival of sorts of some other Capcom Ips. I'd lose my shit if say BoF or Dark Stalkers(I'll take SF though) managed to squeak in and I'll always welcome RE.
From Square I think we're lucky they confirmed DQ, and I don't care what FF7 plays like(battle system wise) I'm ready to throw my money at it, if that happens...
Then Platinum(who knows?), Bandai Namco show me some Soul Cal love, Atlus...could be a thing?? Tremendous support on the portables after all.
Is Grasshopper still kicking?
I've gotta wish list a mile long though I know little of it is reasonable.lol
Like I said, hopes.
I can see Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom and Warner bros supporting NX at launch, but lol at take two and rockstar.

Basically, all the major 3rd party publishers that supported Wii U at launch/first year, I'd be surprised if they weren't supporting the NX at launch..


I'm thinking full support from Activision, Ubi, and Warner Bros. initially with them re-evaluating support after analyzing results. I expect EA sports titles and Star Wars games from EA initially (maybe even Mass Effect at launch given when both the game and the NX are releasing), with increased support if those do well and decreased support if they do not. For Take Two, I expect some of their 2K series initially with increased or decreased support depending on how they do. For Bethesda, I expect a wait and see approach.

I think Japanese support will be more robust with heavy support from Capcom, Square-Enix, Bandai Namco, Koie Tecmo, and Level 5.
As a lot have said, I think it's going to be good-to-great Japanese support and minimal western support sans Indies which will be quite strong.


I'd wait until plenty of current games are actually on the thing, rather than just buying the launch ports and pretending to be part of some kind of charity drive.


One thing I've thought about is Sony and Microsoft's potential for... umm... 4th-party support? :p

That is an interesting point! It makes you wonder what sorts of combinations and connections will start to result. Each of them have particular strongholds that could be compelling for different reasons, like Microsoft with the PC gaming space, Sony with home consoles and assorted gadgets and hardware (TVs, players, etc.), and Nintendo with handhelds. I don't think any will leave any of the other fields right now as all are competitive in their own ways, but it does open up possibilities now, especially with how much cost is involved with game development, publishing, etc. and further in this era of "ecosystems."


It seems things have started moving for stuff which is strange and who the hell knows if actual in development.

Can't wait to see the edited trailer with Nintendo NX obscured to the infinity and beyond


It's crazy though...I can't find much on Zockrates Laboratories on the web. The guy's Twitter account is pretty active though, and he says he hasn't gotten a devkit yet, but he's hopeful!

That video is interesting, The game itself has my curiosity in a good way. But most people will just jump to the conclusion that NX is vr....

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