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Looking for a chill/relaxing switch game

Looking for a game to unwind with in bed when I want a break from the other, more intense games I’m playing. Something I can just pick up and put down whenever I feel like it.

Leaning towards either stardew valley or animal crossing

Not sure whether I’m too late to animal crossing. Not sure what the release cycle is for those games. Haven’t really played it but it seems pretty chill.

Stardew valley I played a lot on mobile back in the day. Little reluctant to pick it up for switch as I have it on my phone and it’s on gamepass.

Am I missing some other titles?

Probably going with animal crossing, wish Nintendo games dropped in price like other games, crazy it’s still near msrp. I guess that’s Nintendo.

Am I missing any games?

Edit: I should add I only picked up a switch last month. Only games I have are botw and skyward sword
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A Short Hike is very calm and relaxing. I'd pay a hefty sum for a longer sequel.

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Animal Crossing is incredibly chill - to the point that it's up to you to get anything done. It's incredibly easy going and the tone is all about being calming and providing no pressure. That is what puts a lot off because it really does come down to the player to decide what they're going to do and how much effort to put into anything. During the first year of it's release I was quite content just to boot it up for 2--40 mins at a time, do a couple of tasks and then put it down and get onto some work.

No point in getting Stardew if you've already got it on another platform IMO.

BOTW I find relaxing when just letting my OCD lead me on a trek across the landscape. Easier late game when you've got more stamina, but right from the off it can be pretty relaxing just finding a curiosity and seeing where it takes you.


Islanders is a relaxing city builder puzzler. I liked it so much on PC that I double dipped for the Switch version too.

Tower of Babel is a chill stacking game (better with multiple people though) that reminds me of some early mobile games. I say that in a complimentary sense.

You can’t go wrong with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker if you don’t have a problem with Nintendo prices and didn’t play it on Wii U.
Loop Hero is very chill. Basically plays itself but is still incredibly addicting.

Voice of Cards and Dungeon Encounters are chill old school JRPGs.

Both Steamworld Dig games have some chill exploration.

Captain Toad is a must have.


Animal Crossing is great, but it's not chill.
There are many dopamine reward dispensers innit, similar to MMO retention hooks which demand that you play every day. God forgive if you have any OCD tendencies.
I would recommend Terraria and Stardew Valley. Both are fairly involved and complex, but you can play at your own pace and there's no sense of missing out if you don't log on daily to dig/fish/check stores or the current in-game event.

A Short Hike would be the ultimate chill game, but it's a bit short.


This may not be a relaxed artsyfartsy game full of pastel colors and piano music, but maybe Tony Hawks pro skater 1+2 hits that nerve:
Looking for a game to unwind with in bed when I want a break from the other, more intense games I’m playing. Something I can just pick up and put down whenever I feel like it.
Otherwise : Firewatch
Starwdew and Animal Crossing are the obvious choices. I also suggest Voice of Cards if you like simple, turn-based old-school style JRPGs (it's not a card game, it's just uses cards for asthetic purposes).


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The original NES Dragon Warrior is available on Switch. I play it all the time to unwind. Pretty chill unless you get caught far from a town and happen upon the wrong kind of enemy.
Any of the Kairosoft management games.
Super Mario Maker 2 - make levels at your own chilled out pace and play other people's when you feel more energetic.

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OP probably already found something to play but to anyone looking for a chill game, I would say Dragon Quest 11. Yea, you're gonna grind but the game is easy. Music and art style are pleasant as can be. Super chill game.
Get Samurai Warriors 5. The hacking and slashing is a means to an end of battlefield control, and you enter a zen like state while playing
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Spiritfarer! It's a super chill "build a boat" game but with hugs and cooking and gardening and really wholesome stories about essentially becoming Charon.
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