Looks like all digital PSP / PSone games work on Vita now [Not Anymore]

Seemingly was an unintentional glitch, now fixed. Start here.


The thread about Spyro and Crash isn't enough to get word out here.

I've confined as much as I can on my end. I previously wasn't able to download or play Brave Story: New Traveler OR Motorstorm Arctic Edge on my Vita. Now I can get them from my download history and put them on the Vita. They work!

Also, Valkyria Chrinocles 2 DLC can be downloaded, but I haven't tested it yet.

Keep in mind there maybe exceptions but I haven't seen any and even demos seem to work.
Is there a comprehensive list of everything that didn't work before? I wanna see what I already own, my PS Download list is almost 2000 items
Do games you buy from the sony store online go to your download list immediately after you buy them, or do you actually have to have the game downloaded on a system before it does?


Downloading PSP2 Infinity. I knew that buying it when it was on sale for 500 yen right before being discontinued was a good idea!
As someone that missed out on the PSP, what are some of the best of the PSP games that are now available to download on Vita?

Metal Gear Sold: Portable Ops
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Gran Turismo PSP
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge

Anything else?