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Lords of the Fallen 2 to Be Developed by Hexworks for Next-Gen and PC

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017
Lords of the Fallen 2 to Be Developed by Hexworks for Next-Gen and PC

The saga of Lords of the Fallen 2's development has just received a new chapter. You might recall that the sequel of Deck 13's 'Soulsborne' game has been in the works for a very long time. In fact, it was originally announced in 2014 for a release in 2017.

However, three years ago we began learning of development troubles from Lords of the Fallen producer Tomasz Gop. In June 2018, publisher CI Games announced that Lords of the Fallen 2 would now be developed by Defiant Studios, only to remove the project from their hands less than a year later. A few months ago we got a brief update from CI Games, but now the publisher has announced yet another game studio as the official developer.

Called Hexworks, it's a brand new studio based in both Barcelona and Bucharest and comprised of around 25 veteran staff with triple-A game development experience. Executive Producer Saul Gascon said:
As a dedicated gamer myself, I can feel when developers are passionate about the games they make. And this is what our studio is all about: Creating games we love to play ourselves. We've gathered a kickass team of senior developers with a deep fascination for mature fantasy games. The path has been intense, especially with the global lockdown situation, but working shoulder-to- shoulder with Marek and Cezar, we've gathered a great team mostly from our networks.
I can't wait to share more information on the studio, and show what we are working on!
Creative Director Cezar Virtosu added:
For many months now, the three of us worked defining and scoping the project, to find the right DNA that would grant us a competitive edge and still remain in the realm of feasibility. It is challenging to develop combat-focused games remotely, but this is offset by the ease of contacting and working with massive Soulsborne fans scattered around the world. It is an intoxicating mix of indie production and fanwork, since we are not a big production block and we all come from the genre's trenches, thus, regardless of nationality, we are speaking the same game language. We are enthusiastic about our mission and we are aiming to deliver a creatively charged gameplay experience within the genre's framework.
Lastly, CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski revealed that Lords of the Fallen 2 just received €5.7 million in funding from investors last week.
I am very pleased with the strong interest from the investors. This is a very good news for CI Games as a developer with studios in several locations in Europe.
It’s been a long time since we started talking about Lords of the Fallen 2 and trying
different ideas. I am very excited for us to be able to announce the new studio that has
been already at work for the last half of the year and made significant progress. Initially we decided to keep that quiet as we didn’t want to bring that to public eyes before we would build the core team and before we would all agree on the details of the first project and move forward with our vision. So, this is the time to officially say we are here and we’re here to stay.
The press release adds that Lords of the Fallen 2, in development for next-gen consoles and PC, will 'shift from the original's power fantasy to a dark fantasy' and 'be much more loyal to the challenging combat experience' expected by the Soulsborne community.

With game development basically restarted once again, it's fair to assume it'll be years before we get to play the game. Until then, stay tuned.

Source: WCCFTech


Jun 16, 2019
The first one was crap. Nothing about it besides combat was souls-like. Linear 8 hour game, horrible story, etc. Luckily Deck13 learned their lesson, and managed to make some pretty good souls-like games The Surge 1 and 2. Hopefully these new devs will manage to put the name LotF in better light.
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May 9, 2020
Really enjoyed the first one. Too bad the 2nd has had such a poor dev history. 25 devs though... hmm. That's too little. Definitely years away though, that's sad.


Aug 26, 2019
They should give it back to Deck 13 unless they are working on The Surge 3. They've improved massively since the original LOTF.


Oct 24, 2017
Next year it will be another studio, the year after yet another studio and so on.
It will either be canceled or it will release for PS9.


Dec 9, 2013
It will be funny if Deck 13 manages to release three Soulslike games in the meantime.
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Spice Spice Baby
Jul 15, 2020
Forgot this was still being developed.

I'm one of the weirdos who actually enjoyed lords of the fallen so bring it on.
We must be either related, or into the same kinda thing, if you know what I mean :messenger_winking: ! First one was a tad clunky, but it had a great vision. I have no doing they will make a phenomenal sequel!


Dec 25, 2019
Visually I don't find Lords of the Fallen to be very appealing, but I've always wanted to give it a shot. The Surge was great and it seems like The Surge 2 only got better, so I'm curious to see how Deck 13's first stab at it ended up.

It does seem a bit pointless to make a franchise out of Lords of the Fallen, it doesn't seem to me like it was ever that big. But I do hope the best for the new devs and I'll eagerly be waiting to see how it turns out.


Jan 31, 2019
After how great Surge 1 and 2 turned out, I have faith in them for LOTF2. True, the first was mediocre, but they've had a lot of experience since then. I don't see how the second won't be a massive improvement.


Jul 15, 2020
Forgot this was still being developed.

I'm one of the weirdos who actually enjoyed lords of the fallen so bring it on.

I really liked it too one of my favorites in the souls genre that didnt require a 100hrs to complete. Probably why i like The Surge and others that are more time manageable.


May 15, 2019
The Surge 1 & 2 are the best of the souls copies. Both are high quality games, especially the first one. Lords of the Fallen was not, though it had moments of fun and satisfying challenge. It suffered most from the input to output delay. They went way too hard on the locked in animations. Was like being underwater. If Hexworks can improve on its base there could be real promise there.