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News Lost Ark Delayed to 2022


Dec 20, 2019

As players have been waiting for so long, we want to take the time to do it right while also ensuring we look after the wellness of our hardworking Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG teams. With that in mind, we’ve made the tough decision to push the launch of Lost Ark to early 2022.

While we’ll be launching in early 2022, you won’t have to wait until next year to get your hands on Lost Ark. Our Closed Beta Test will be conducted from November 4 to November 9 and your feedback will be an important part of the Lost Ark development process. Lost Ark Founder’s Pack purchasers will have access to the Closed Beta Test. Interested players can also sign up for a chance to receive an invitation to the Closed Beta test by entering their information on our tester sign up page.

Moving forward we will provide monthly updates to discuss the work our team is doing behind the scenes. In October we’ll launch our official forums and official Discord channel in preparation for Closed Beta. In November we will be fully operational to support our Beta Testers and Content Creators. With these upcoming activities, you should expect more activity and communication from us in the coming months.
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Jan 31, 2018
I've waited what...5 years for this game to come to the west? What's another couple of months in the grand scheme of things.
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Gilgamesh Fan Annoyance
Mar 18, 2012
I'm willing to bet cash money this is Amazon bribing them to delay to get this out of the way of New World.
That's probably what happened. Since Lost Ark will steal it's spotlight. Myself and many others on Steam will be refunding our founder's packs because the lack of transparency and the laughable 5 day beta test in November IMO isn't enough and we can use the funds spent on the founders packs to purchase and play games that are in a accessible and playable state.

Plus the beta being in November is pretty much a no go for me since November has FFXIV Endwalker and SMT5. So all my interest in LA just plopped to 0.

This year has got to be the biggest year of gaming delays I've ever seen. It's getting ridiculous.
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Mar 23, 2018
Isnt this the game that doesn't even release in half the country's of europe?

Good luck with that.


Aug 7, 2019
Been waiting with much anticipation since 2014. I hope it comes close to my expectations.