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Lost Judgment - PS5 Gameplay with English Audio (Demo out on Japanese PSN)


Jun 1, 2019
So a friend mentioned that the demo is out on the Japanese PSN store. Made an account and downloaded it. Here's some info:

- PS5 demo install size is 14.70 GB
- has 2 modes. Standard and High resolution
- High resolution seems to be 4K but only 30 FPS
- Standard seems to be 1440p but 60FPS. Don't quote me on this resolution. I'll have to test and confirm with PR who are not responding.
- No in game HDR settings. Just using the one on PS5 settings.
- Demo is 1 hour long.
- goes through what seems to be the beginning of the game.
- The Japanese Demo has both English & Japanese Audio + Subtitles.

If there's more I'll update the thread.

Full Demo:

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