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Love Boat 2 [Mafia] |OT| Electric Boogalove

In case I don't finish the complete list in time, here's the short list:

Ty4on/Trigger : Ty4on has been the most active in the thread by far, and yet I can't really tell you what his angle is or what he has pushed for. He's somehow invisible. While other player couples have maintained a parity in activity (suggesting that they are discussing things and clearing ideas with each other), Ty4on is acting like a one-man army...OR, Trigger's input doesn't matter, because other players are discussing with him instead. We are getting played.

VOTE: Trigger

Ourobolus/kingkitty: There's a huge activity gap with these two, as well, but I know how kingkitty operates in these games. Ouro has acted ackwardly defensive about things, but I do kinda think the case being made against him didn't hold much water. It also just fizzled out, which kinda tells me it was a scum push that got retracted.

WhereAreMahDragonz/Verelios: I detect venom coming from these two, and it's actually kind of remarkable that Dragonz came out unscathed from an aggressive situation she escalated. I concluded it seemed like Town V Town at the time, although she was the first to vote on the Ouro push. Verelios oddly absent from that vote.

Sorian/Fat4all: Sorian is being aggressive with everybody, myself included. I haven't engaged with that, because it's gonna get me angry. But this fight with Darryl looked bad. Sorian and Fat seem to be on the same page, and maybe that does imply scummyness, if I'm wrong about the disparity in activity theory.

Bruh my Ouro vote was a joke lmao


Royal always plays the same way, long stretches of nothing, then big recap posts then ghosts away again. Doesn't really set off alarm bells. This is the same to me as trying to build a case on Star for being inactive.
Except he checked in numerous times and contributed nothing. That's not his norm.


sounds like you're being opportunistic now that the votes are starting to split to me tbh

I don't think the votes really split over to you. Me and the afk are the only ones with a vote still on you.

Mine might not stick for long, I'm looking through everything right now.


Neo Member
I am not confident that Kark is scum. But I am confident this behaviour is anti-town and he hasn't given us anything else to work with.
Darryl seems really suspicious, that is true and I am honestly considering. Muffin may vote for him instead, so we can let the majority decide between those two. It's just a big mess, that this needs to happen so shortly before day ends.
I don't like this Kark train we have going right now. If we vote him and Xbro we get next to nothing due to the low post count. Now, I also don't agree that a scum would intentionally go silent for this long and then give a reasoning behind it so close to days end when everyone is willing to jump on a train, especially Day 1.

I'm willing to vote Nomadic or Darryl (sorry Nin). I've had my eyes on Nomadic the entire time and if it wasn't for Natiko being somewhat useful I would've voted for him already. Darryl on the other hand popped up on my Scum radar when he said his thoughts on the Kark ordeal.

Kark is probably just buying time until something useful pops up because the past 10 pages have been a big ole nothing burger

Then Fat4all made probably the best read I've seen all game so far and I pretty much agree with everything he said in it: http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=245423823


Yeah, I like Worthy and Orb seems fine.

I don't know enough about Darryl, but feel free to get others voting for him.

That's what I just tried doing the last, what, 12 hours? No one cared.

Fuck it, I'll take Darryl. He's trying to make it seem like he contributed anything by making all of this mess, and I don't like it. Even less than Kark.

VOTE: Darryl

You missed this boat. I'm not flying back and forth on this when Kark/Orb are the race now.


Well true, but Karks defense to my suspicions are at least seeming honest to me. Your posts make we want to believe you absolutely nothing.

Well i'm active and tomorrow i'll still be active and also have a teammate playing. You can give me longer than five minutes to argue back and forth with you. I'm obviously participating
Well i'm active and tomorrow i'll still be active and also have a teammate playing. You can give me longer than five minutes to argue back and forth with you. I'm obviously participating

That's fine. I didn't think much about your situation with Sorian until it was too late.
Okay, Verelios. Due to the lack of time I won't deal with dragonz right now; I agree with the consesus more or less anyway.

There are these three post at the beginning of the game: 1, 2, 3. When i read them I can't help but imagine a cartoony supervillain staring at his rat's maze and going "Oh, you dumb little creatures. Do you want the cheese? There, right in the mouse trap. Go on." I can't explain it any better, it's the subtext that presses my alarm. Like he knew more than us.

Then there are these three posts 1,2, 3, which are perfectly fine and good posts.

Then comes the second wave of posts where I just can't help but feel he's knowing more than I am: 1, 2

The next couple of posts are non-commital. I have to admit, they aren't nothing but they're not very strong either: 1, 2, 3, 4

There are also some posts that are just some factual statements: 1, 2, 3, 5

And then I had to hit "send" because the time was running out... It really is mostly hos tone that sets me off. Like we are the rats in his maze.

Also hos contributions aren't half as good as people seem to think they are.


The Day has Ended

It'll take a moment to get the final vote count (have to do manual combining due to not having pair-game script running yet), so it will take a moment for the flip.


So there was no votecount before the end?

I didn't move my vote because I was afraid of a tie.

I tried to first make one more vote count, but with more and more votes coming I had to put down manually, I gave up. Sorry :(.

Trying to get final vote count down with 100% precision now.



This is my output, just want to make sure it matches what Burb gets:

trigger & ty4on (1)

theexodu5 & fireblend (0)
dr. worm

crimsonfist & sophia (0)

franconp & dr. worm (0)
dr. worm

ourobolus & kingkitty (2)
dr. worm
nomadic sparks

fat4all & sorian (0)

verelios & wherearemahdragonz (1)

xbro & karkador (5)

kitsunelaine & flatearthpandas (2)

tsuxna & royal_flush (0)

muffin1611 & samuraischnecke (0)
dr. worm

starsketch & czartim (0)

orb & theworthyedge (8)
dr. worm

darryl & nin1000 (1)

natiko & nomadic sparks (1)


Orb & TheWorthyEdge (8)
sorian 688 (1268)
wherearemahdragonz 954
dr. worm 1532
kingkitty 1567
sorian 1582
verelios 1598
crimsonfist 1605
ourobolus 1613
xbro 1617

Karkdor & Xord (5)
flatearthpandas 387 (619)
ty4on 695 (1237)
ourobolus 1021 (1613)
fireblend 1206
royal_flush 1436
darryl 1531 (1579)
sorian 688 (1268)
sorian 1268 (1352)
muffin1611 1504 (1595)
samuraischnecke 1535
muffin1611 1619
theworthyedge 1630

kitsunelaine & flatearthpandas (2)
sorian 444 (688)
ty4on 448 (695)
ty4on 1478
crimsonfist 1556 (1605)
darryl 1579

Ourobolue & Kingkitty (2)
wherearemahdragonz 156 (954)
flatearthpandas 174 (176)
sorian 194 (444)
flatearthpandas 619 (655)
muffin1611 718 (1252)
dr. worm 836 (1532)
nomadic sparks 1159
natiko 1178

Darryl & Nin1000 (1)
fat4all 1264
sorian 1352 (1582)
xbro 1456 (1617)
muffin1611 1595 (1619)

Natiko & nomadic sparks
franconp 1450

Verelios & WhereAreMahDragonz (1)
kitsunelaine 385

Trigger & Ty4on (1)
crimsonfist 71 (175)
karkador 1593

Also bunch of pairs who got 0 votes, going to put them in here after posting the flip.



The Day at ShipCon17 had been… very talkative, to say the least. Over 1500 statements were made during the day, although disturbing amount of them were gushing over how lovely their ship was, or how some character x shouldn’t be allowed to live due to threatening speakers ship of choice. But finally, the participants at ShipCon17 had decided that the ones deserving death were… Orb & TheWorthyEdge.

”They are… so not into their ship! They must be liars!”
”Yes! Death to Liars!”

Soon enough, the shippers poured gasoline all over the ship WorthyEdge and Orb were still standing on. Just a flick of a match, and the whole thing started to burn down. Orb jumped quick off the ship to the cold waters, drowning there, while Worthy burned down with his ship.

Only endless amounts of fan-art showing Amy Rose and Dr. Eggman remained…

Orb & TheWorthyEdge have died!

Someone has informed the two of you that evil forces of Love are going to destroy the world of shippers! Now this just won’t do, right? The two of you have decided to join the battle against the wretched warriors of love!

You are paired with Orb/TheWorthyEdge, and you two are shipping Eggman and Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog!

You are Aligned with Shippers of Nonsensicality (That means TOWN).

The two of you are An Ordinary Pair of Shippers. This means, that neither of you have any special powers. But you people can vote!

Also, as you are a Pair, you will get a private Shippers Chat in the Outer Gafia to use for communication to each other. Remember, that if one of you dies, your pair will die with you.


The Game thread is here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1412319

You will win, if everyone, who are against your faction, are defeated!

Night 1 has begun

I will accept night actions until 2 hours before day starts.



Also note, that night phase is just two days long, even if Day 1 was four days.

And a reminder that starting from Day 2, day phases last for three days.

Orb & TheWorthyEdge (8)
Sorian 688 1268
WhereAreMahDragonz 954
Dr. Worm 1532
kingkitty 1567
Sorian 1582
Verelios 1598
CrimsonFist 1605
Ourobolus 1613
Xbro 1617

Xbro & Karkador (5)
flatearthpandas 387 619
Ty4on 695 1237
Ourobolus 1021 1613
Fireblend 1206
Sorian 1268 1352
Royal_Flush 1436
Muffin1611 1504 1595
Darryl 1531 1579
Samuraischnecke 1535
Muffin1611 1619
TheWorthyEdge 1630

kitsunelaine & flatearthpandas (2)
Sorian 444 688
Ty4on 448 695
Ty4on 1478
CrimsonFist 1556 1605
Darryl 1579

Ourobolus & kingkitty (2)
WhereAreMahDragonz 156 954
flatearthpandas 174 176
Sorian 194 444
flatearthpandas 619 654
Muffin1611 718 1252
Dr. Worm 836 1532
Nomadic Sparks 1159
Natiko 1178

Darryl & nin1000 (1)
Fat4all 1264
Sorian 1352 1582
Xbro 1456 1617
Muffin1611 1595 1619

Trigger & Ty4on (1)
CrimsonFist 71 175
kingkitty 653 1567
Karkador 1593

Natiko & Nomadic Sparks (1)
franconp 1450

Verelios & WhereAreMahDragonz (1)
flatearthpandas 176 387
kitsunelaine 385

CrimsonFist & Sophia (0): Ourobolus 115 1021, WhereAreMahDragonz 132 156, kingkitty 265 653

StarSketch & CzarTim (0): flatearthpandas 655 962

TheExodu5 & Fireblend (0): Dr. Worm 94 136, Ty4on 355 448

TsuXna & Royal_Flush (0): Natiko 475 1178, Nomadic Sparks 488 1149, Ty4on 1237 1478

franconp & Dr. Worm (0): Dr. Worm 136 537, Muffin1611 178 413

Muffin1611 & Samuraischnecke (0): Dr. Worm 537 836, Fireblend 1098 1206

Fat4all & Sorian (0): CrimsonFist 175 1556, Darryl 659 1531

No active vote for Day 1: CzarTim, flatearthpandas (has previously voted), nin1000, Orb, Sophia, StarSketch, TheExodu5, Trigger, TsuXna

Day 1 Postcount: CrimsonFist 77, CzarTim 1, Darryl 59, Dr. Worm 79, Fat4all 49, Fireblend 54, flatearthpandas 22, franconp 76, Karkador 28, kingkitty 25, kitsunelaine 52, Muffin1611 102, Natiko 85, nin1000 6, Nomadic Sparks 54, Orb 19, Ourobolus 141, Royal_Flush 18, Samuraischnecke 31, Sophia 80, Sorian 126, StarSketch 10, TheExodu5 2, TheWorthyEdge 28, Trigger 11, TsuXna 0, Ty4on 161, Verelios 43, WhereAreMahDragonz 78, Xbro 18

Your bear will deal with underlined players.

16 votes for majority


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