Love Boat 2 [Mafia] |OT| Electric Boogalove

Three people going for the townie points by answering my question with fairly inconclusive answers.

Which is fair enough, I don't have too strong thoughts on Ouro yet either, but looking at the people going for the points: Muffin has been contributing a bit, and it's Fat's first actually noteworthy post. Almost feels like he was hanging back after his first few posts waiting for something to jump onto. Dragonz hasn't been around for long yet, so not so much to read into that.
Damn you all already throwing out votes like candy! DEADLY candy!
Guess that is a way to put some pressure on people here...
Still, I wanna be the thoughtful part in this relation-ship(!), so I'll at least wait until all pairs have woken up from their slumber and said something.
Insider info knowing that I was sleeping?

Dragonz of the House Gafia, First of Her Name, The Unlynched, Queen of Bad Fake Claims, Drunk Reads and Scummy Play, Queen of the Love Boat, Khaleesi of the Great Forum Outer Gafia, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of NeoGAF, Breaker of Lynch Trains, and Mother of Townies has arrived
Solid 6/10

I doubt we have that many scum.

But there's a few things to comment on. What do people think of Ouro's evasive answers for example?
It's only a 15 player game so usual count of 3 scum with neutrals or 4 without neutrals.

I see Muffin is already asking about scum team numbers.

Is this bad now? Is this all Ouro has to offer on day one?

Yeah, kill the doggo!

[hushed whispers]

What's that?

Oh, wait, that's a vote for me?

But why Crimson!


Reading it so far, there's not really much to say. +1 to Crimson if anything because he seems to be the only doing doing any semblance of dragging the gam out of initial shit post time.

Ouro is the only one who feels weird so far but really only because his trolling feels like it is more there to put people on edge instead of being funny. Which isn't much but it is enough to vote!

VOTE: Ourobolus

Feels good
It always shows Day -1 because I can't be arsed to fix that purely cosmetic bug :p

On desktop I'd tell you to hit ctrl+f5 but as you're on mobile, I'm not sure what you can do... Maybe try emptying your cache.
Enabling "Request desktop site" worked...

Weird, the others are fine on mobile