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LTTP: Aliens Vs. Predator (2010), press L1 + R1 to block the Xenomorph attack


I spent 6 and a half hours on all three campaigns combined on the Playstation 3 in this mindless forgotten game that sits at a whopping 65 on Metacritic. Better than Saints Row.

Marine Campaign

Ever seen an alien flail around on the roof and walls while you watch and wonder what a fuck is going on? well, don't worry, this game got you covered.

You spend about 3 hours fighting braindead aliens and one predator until you end up shooting Wayland himself in the head in a western stand-off. The aim is not the best with the PS3 controller, but the aliens have a tendency to line up right in front of you so it's fine.

It's a weak shooter that at times can be fun if you got ammo in your shotgun or smart rifle. Those two guns got some serious punch.

The Alien Campaign

The alien campaign is a staggering one-and-a-half-hour.

Play as an alien that gets instructions from your hive queen, like "disable the generator to the signal tower". The queen seems to have a bachelor's in engineering. Engage the humans who tell each other "don't relax yet marines" 4 times a minute. Harvest humans by laying them flat and inserting facehuggers from your apparently alien backpack unto their faces.

It's fun to crawl on the roof and figure out a plan to engage the humans, but the A.I. is so clunky and the navigation is so janky that it plays like an acid trip.

The Predator Campaign

Cloak and bash your way with your 4-punch combo. Jump around CONSTANTLY to navigate the same environments you spent playing as a marine and alien. Use your plasma cannon that eats ammo like a black hole and infiltrate an old predator temple and take on the final area, where I spent 30 minutes wrecking aliens until I figured out you are supposed to JUMP up on some ledge and activate some fucking stone thing.

The melee of the aliens and predators is similar to rolling around on your lawn as a kid, as you can't see what a fuck is going on as you flail your alien arms around and hit whatever the fuck is in your way.

And yes, you can block attacks. Nothing like countering an alien as a human by keeping your guard up and smacking them with the butt of your rifle.
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AvP 99 and AvP2 were great games. I really loved those and AvP2 was the first game I really played a lot online.

I tried AvP 2010 for half an hour and couldn’t stand the controls of the Predator or the Alien. Wierd, convoluted controls for wallcrawling and just moving around. Horrible. And don’t get me started on the rock, paper, scissor melee system. How could Rebellion fuck up the game so much when they did the first one and it was so great?

Edit: Another issue I have with AvP 2010 is that it drew so much visual inspiration from the AvP movie, which also sucked. AvP 99 was less visually coherent but cooler because it drew inspiration from the original movies instead of that abomination.
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This was very good looking on PC at launch and one of the first DX11 games. The marine campaign was forgettable but I loved both monsters. It's all about pulling off fatalities.
The alien campaign takes some cues from Alien 4 with its weirdo science guys.


I really liked this game, albeit not good as the first two, I remember enjoying it a lot.

I wish that Rebellion would make a new one...


I enjoyed this game for what it was, but man, I was hoping for so much more. AVP 99 was REALLY solid, albeit janky, it did do some things real right. Being able to destroy light sources in single player AND in multiplayer was SO good. AVP 2 by Monolith, did a lot of other really cool things too, especially in multiplayer. This AVP game did some neat things, but it didn't really bring anything new to the table, and I think that was the biggest issue with it overall. :( The games before it had things that were more memorable, this one was just... adequate.


It wasn't bad, but AvP 2 is still the best.
All campaigns are top notch, but the Alien one is best with you going through the whole Alien lifecycle.
Oh and AvP 2010 fucks up the Pulse Rifle sound. Like you had one job sound designer man, one fucking job.
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