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LTTP: FF7 Remake unmarked spoilers


Thanks the the newly acquired PS5, I picked up my first PS5 game, FF7 Remake Integrade.

I played the original on release day way way back.

I knew going in that it was a pseudo-sequel as well as a remake. This became obvious when Cloud starting seeing things that haven’t happened yet. And the ghost things moving the plot toward how it went in the original. IE preventing Arieth and Cloud from doing something differently after they meet.

I’m actually shocked that people would play this without playing the original becaus you would miss so much context.

Also I see how they stretched out the beginning of FF7 to a whole game. Nothing wrong with that, gives way more time for characters to shine. You actually care for Biggs and Wedge.

And I never thought about what shit bags Avalanche is. Literally terrorists, getting innocents killed for their righteous cause.

The game is hella linear though, but yea so was disc 1 of the original. And they needed to make more monsters. Liked hesgehogs over and over again. I was looking forward to the haunted house monsters after the church but nope…

I’m really liking it. Haven’t liked a FF in a long time and I’ve tried them all. It’s still a bit to “anime” for my taste (the cutesy poses and gesture the women do is… eh.”

Really like how the characters have come alive. Just really love all of them… again.

Excited to get deeper into it. Makes me want to give FF13 a second chance. Need to play the newest Dragon Quest though…


Literally everything will die if Shinra is left alone, so if some people gotta die, they gotta die.
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