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LTTP [LTTP] Final Fantasy IX


Mar 26, 2011
I ran around and caught some frogs. Now I am back to the Esto Gaza island. The monsters there are really hard. These ones are casting freeze and kicking my butt. I did visit the Iifa Tree and had Quina eat some monsters. I picked up Level 5 Death. I need to see if I can pick up some heal magic with Quina. I think I missed that.
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Neighbours from Hell
Nov 13, 2013
FFIX I feel is the last truly great FF. It’s a shame, the magic is totally gone at this point even with how enjoyabld FFVIIR was.

The one thing that surprises me though is I remember back in the day I had FFIX right up there among the best FF soundtracks and I think Nobuo said he thinks it’s his best work. But this year I listened to the whole soundtrack front to back and it’s still obviously very good, everything Nobuo does is good, but I dropped it down a bit. Its highs are very high, but it doesn’t have the quantity of tracks I keep going back to that a few other FF soundtracks do. VIII’s remains my favorite.
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Feb 28, 2013
I'm so happy to see people playing this game for the first time, the game getting a new audience, maybe a younger (than me) one. I hope everyone gets the same experience I had back then. Remembering this game still makes me feel some butterflies in the stomach. Great game, silly lovable characters and story and lots of memorable scenes and music. For me, it's the game in the series that better encompasses the title of the series, "Final Fantasy", and what made this series great.