LTTP: Flower thatgamecompany > Team ICO

Does ICO still hold up? I never could find it in the stores when I had cash, and I adore SoTC. Might try renting it from GameFly.
Currently playing the game on my PS3, and boy is it one blurry mess. If I try and fix the brightness, the blur disappears, but then you kinda lose the bloom effects.
TheShampion said:
Wasn`t Flower just a small, cheap downloadable title? I am pretty sure even thatgamecompany would not go with that sort of hyperbole.

But I enjoyed it anyway. It was a fun game. That being said, Braid totally hops on its head, rewinds time, and bonks them again as far as actual game mechanics goes.
Yeah, I didn't like Braid either.