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LTTP: Just finished Life is Strange: True Colors


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I recently finished this, and I thought it was very well done. I never played Life is Strange 2, but I played the first and Before the Storm. I thought this was the 3rd best of the 3 I've played. It felt a lot shorter than the other two and far less emotionally packed. I also felt the romances grew way too quickly, and neither felt genuine. The whole game takes place over a very short period of time.

I also felt the story wasn't nearly as intriguing as the first two. There weren't many twists and turns in this one and it felt like there was a lot less on the line.

Of the two romance options, Steph was far more charming and felt more natural as a love interest, but I ended up going with Ryan, because Steph was all about the "go on the road and live it up" lifestyle and that didn't feel like Alex at all to me.

But I thought the voice acting was great, the animations were super well done, and the story while not as good as the first two LiS games, still had a lot of heart.

Anyone here play this series? Curious of your thoughts and where you think it stacks up in the series.
I really liked true colors, i think life is strange 2 is my favorite though but I’m in the minority on that

I chose Ryan but he turned bitch-made in my playthrough so i dumped him :messenger_relieved:
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I replayed this game again, felt like a good thing to do with spring time. And I have to say it's my favorite LiS. Great characters, the least amount of magic, fun gameplay with the LARP. Just wish it was longer. Deck Nine > DONTNOD


I liked it, way better than the second game though some weird plot holes hinder it a bit. I get the argument it's the best of the lot though given it nails the ending a lot better than the first game did.

Should have been longer though, episodes 2 to 5 are seriously short unless you do the optional stuff and even then it's somewhat lacking in length compared to episodes in the other games.


Will give this series a try for the first time now that this one has dropped on Gamepass


I have a problem with all the hipster characters with bad humor. I struggle to get past them, I found them too vanilla, the banter too corny and the relationships too forced.

I guess it depends on what sort of friends you have and what sort of people you are used to. If you grow up in a small town where everyone is Mormon and naive, and all your friends play badminton and eat sushi every day, it's the game for you.


I really like True Colors, though I agree it overall felt just a bit too short and rushed, we should have been able to spend some more time with these characters.


I liked it, I thought the length was good as this kind of game can wear out it’s welcome quickly. I thought the actor who played Alex was really amazing as was the writing for her character. The story was pretty solid although the ending felt kind of rushed.

It is really more of a visual novel with choose your own adventure elements then anything else. I guess it could be lumped in with walking simulators as well.


Finished the game this weekend and I liked it.
LIS and LIS: Before the Storm, are better games, but this one was good enough.

I loved the small town setting. Most characters are really enjoyable, especially Steph, Gabe and Ryan.
Writing, music and art are very good.
But it felt short and at certain points, a bit underdeveloped. Almost like it's missing a chapter or two.
But my biggest disappointment was the "bad guy" being just a generic big, evil corporation.

Regardless, it's a good game and very easy to recommend.


It was decent, but still not on the level of LiS 1 or BTS. They just haven't been able to top Max as the player character yet, for me at least.
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