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LTTP: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Ground Zeroes (Spoilers)


I've been updating NHL-GAF on this (of all places), but I've been running through Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater the past couple of weeks and I finally got to finish it earlier this week.

I previously had the game on PS2, but the furthest I've gotten was the fight against The End. It was really frustrating and I just stopped. Little did I know that I could've just waited a week to let him die.

I played the HD Collection of MGS3 briefly before on PS3 and the Vita, but ended up with the same issue of just getting frustrated with it early.

I picked up the HD Collection again a couple of weeks ago used to give it another shot, and was able to actually finish the game.

I missed out on some great moments before, like the ladder climb, Snake's torture, Snake and Eva, Snake vs. The Boss, and the ending. It's pretty cool being able to experience those moments after everyone's played the game already.

The soundtrack is amazing, especially the theme song. It creeps up on you at just the right time in the game.

Having to eat to survive got a bit tedious when climbing the mountain and near the end when Snake and Eva were running towards the lake to meet The Boss. I guess that's just how the game fucks with you. It was very unique for me.

Most frustrating moment for me had to be the Shagohod boss fight. I actually cleared it the first time, but I forgot to save after making it down the mountain, so I had to do that all over again starting from Volgin's boss fight. I got used to PS3/PS4 games having auto-save enabled that I decided to just turn the game off when I was done for the day.

On a related note, I picked up The Phantom Pain in anticipation of finishing MGS3. While I was waiting for an update for it to finish downloading and installing, I booted up Ground Zeroes and finished the main story in about 3 hours. Not bad, but I wouldn't pay for it with how short the main story is. Thankfully, I snatched it up from PS+ while it was free.

Ground Zeroes looked great on PS4. Definitely a step up from Snake Eater (lol). The spotlights and cameras made it a little trickier to go around, but anytime I got near a guard, I just killed them with CQC. Obviously not the best method near the end when extracting Paz, but I got through it. I also got the POWs while extracting Chico.

Anyway, I think I'm prepared for The Phantom Pain now.

PS: I did actually play Metal Gear Solid 4 when it came out, and I only got as far as early into Twin Suns. I might pick that up again after (maybe) finishing TPP.
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