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LTTP: Modern Warfare 2 Remake (2016)


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Mw2 coming out naturally I’ll play an older title of the series.


Before I played this game I played COD4’s campaign for a bunch of different reasons 1) it’s mission’s absolutely crush any other cod campaign out there.

2) going back to older remakes is great.

3) fear from the Russians, nukes makes this mw2 campaign so alive. The fighting on American soil is so good, the cutscenes are interesting and some of my most favorite graphics.

I understand why people like black ops, all these alternative cod games, world at war, ww2, vanguard etc. but I consider the modern warfare games to be the pinnacle of cod campaigns.

Seeing new guns is nuts, unfortunately there’s no multiplayer in this remake like COD4’s.

Classic game, captain price’s performance is special, I think I’ll buy the new 2022 mw2 at some point you can hear the hype everywhere, and cod mp is still amazing.
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