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LTTP: Nier Replicant (PS5 DE) (2021 Remake)


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I remember playing this very fine game in 2010 a story I’ll never forget.


The game’s primary hub is an open world and the core village has stores, side quests, and save points.

Emil, and Kaine and here again from the original game. They feel like your roommates and help you advance through the later half of the game.



Maps are available for every region objectives are marked by a red x.

The story has a real identity, as you’re attempting to find a cure for your sisters illness known as the “Black Scrawl”.


I got the impression that the big brother, sick sister felt genuine and I accept it as the main plot.

Fighting the enemies (shades) makes you feel very anxious in a good way where I couldn't put down the controller. The swords, the upgrades for your sidekick character grimoire weiss gives you an opportunity to battle them in a number of ways I think it’s agreed that the combat is better than the final fantasy games.


Grimoire Weiss on the right, instrumental in fighting with magic.

The game has interesting temples, but I’m not 100% sold on the puzzles or linear gameplay through those parts of the game.


A lot happening.


“Sealed verses” or magical powers you unlock throughout the game.


Combat we haven’t seen in years since god of war.

If you need a side job


Boar quest

The story is a service to ancient Japanese lore but also being a big brother, the holiday sale situation I was able to buy the game for $31.94 Replaying this game makes me hopeful for a proper sequel.


I took advantage of the Holiday Sale myself. Enjoyed playing through again. Kinda missed father Nier, especially when I got to play with the updated model as part of the dlc.
Great game. Top 15 for me all time. Just played Replicant a few months ago after not playing the original since launch.

Gonna go for another playthrough later this year.


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Replaying this game makes me hopeful for a proper sequel.
We already got the sequel, it’s Automata.

Kinda missed father Nier, especially when I got to play with the updated model as part of the dlc.
For me I actually prefer brother NieR, one because the romantic both Kaine and Emil feel towards brother NieR makes much more sense and the time skip has much drastic change with him instead of father NieR putting eye patch for some reason.

The thing that really made me like brother NieR more is he thinks of Popola and Devola as their parents.
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