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May 31, 2018
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It recently occurred to me that I'd never actually given this series a shot, and that many consider The Witcher 3 one of the better games of the last few years. Never one to jump ahead in a story, and realising I already bought the first game years ago in a Steam sale, I installed it on Thursday night and made it my mission to give it a good go over the weekend.

15 hours of gameplay later and I've not regretted the decision - while I have my issues and frustrations, I'm largely enjoying myself and definitely looking forward to beating this and eventually moving on to the sequels.

This game treads a precariously fine line between serious fantasy and outright goofiness, something best seen recently in the Hitman reboots. While a central plot involving political scandal and deceit, segregation and racism, sickness and poverty, class warfare etc. rages on, our protagonist (or at least, mine) finds himself almost equally as concerned with getting shitfaced and fucking anything with a pulse. Some of the dialogue in this game is completely ridiculous in the best possible way, and Geralt's completely deadpan delivery serves only to make it all the funnier. Drinking contents have been key to advancing the story no less than 5 times already, and I've shagged approximately 1 fair maiden for every 2 hours of game, not to mention wasted at least an hour playing dice poker with random slobs.

The combat took a little getting used to, though I am enjoying the whole "time your hits to score more damage" aspect that makes it slightly more engaging than a lot of other RPGs - it feels satisfying in the way an active reload does. I also like that rather than constantly chugging healing potions whilst saving your godmode potion for the whole game, you're encouraged to instead use before a stretch of fighting as buffs. I like the leveling system's way of making your bronze talents feel scarce at first, but by the time level 15 rolls around you've already filled out most of what you want/need. I do feel like my spec seems somewhat obvious, but maybe that's because I'm limiting myself to the force push and fire, whatever they're actually called.

I would have perhaps like a little more choice in gear (I've changed my one "armor" inventory slot precisely once), although it does seem like a conscious effort to direct the player towards more important things. It does make me wonder why they even bothered to include secondary weapons when they feel basically useless; conversely, once I had enough points in some steel and silver talents, I was ripping and tearing mobs left and right. If anything, I might need to bump the difficulty up (if possible mid-way through a save). There's a few bits and pieces that feel somewhat unpolished - unclear objectives at times, in-world objects working in ways you might not expect, some glaring (though hilarious) visual bugs and even one game-breaker that made me reload. But if you can fight past a little jank here and there, you're treated to a great little tale. I'm partway through chapter 3, so I'd wager roughly halfway done and would definitely recommend it.

If anyone does read the above and feel inspired, here's some tips I wish I would have known when I first played:

- Group sword styles wreck stuff when upgraded, definitely worth the points
- Buy books, and read 'em (or just open them) to get glossary info you need for potions
- Get herbalism straight away, flower picking and potion making in this game is critical, not optional
- Get the force push stun talent, stun everything you can and get those delicious 1-shots
- When making potion base, you use alcohol, but when you run out the game will suggest using base to make more base. Don't!
Apr 5, 2018
Oh the game is very good , i mean it's arguably got the best writing out of the three Witcher game's. What really stops this game from elevating it self to one of the great's in my eyes and that's the combat. i found the combat dull and tedious to be honest , i loved the different stances but the clicking when the sword gets inflamed was just a terrible mechanic to me.

Maybe one day i will replay it but i would have to search for a mod that over hauls the combat , that's for sure. However there is lots to admire about the game and am glad your enjoying your time with it.

Its interesting seeing where CD project Started off and how they have improved over the last decade
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Jun 8, 2009
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It's a great game, and the part inside Vizima is absolutely amazing. The game suffers a bit at the beginning and after Vizima, but inside the city the writing, the court intrigues atmosphere, the investigation are fantastic. The whole story is great, but it really shines in act 2 and 3. Probably my favourite part of all 3 games.

Many people hate the combat, I actually like it a lot. I get it, I also hated it at first. Yes, it's simple, but it's highly customizable with magic and stances, extremely fluid and often amazing to look at, with all the pirouettes and special animations and - best of all - NO SLO-MOS.
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Oct 10, 2012
it's a long time since I last played it (and I played it when it was first released and still very rough and ready before the enhanced edition..) but I know what you mean about it being slightly goofy. Certain aspects did have me rolling my eyes and not in a good way, but having read some of the book series I think that's partly to do with the nature of the writing. Personally, I think the good outweighs the bad, but in truth, I'd have preferred it without the references. I'm ok with occasional Easter eggs in games, but sometimes they can detract from engagement. On the positives, I really dug the choice and consequence aspect of the game and I thought that was well done.
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Jan 20, 2014
I'd love to play it, but sadly the game is simply too old and has a style I wont enjoy.

I'd love to see CDPr completely remake the first game using the same/similar story, but with Witcher 3 assets gameplay.
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Nov 10, 2013
So my experience with the Witcher 3 goes back its release in 2015 and it has been hit and miss. I lasted maybe a few hours. I couldn't take the controls, combat and hated the inventory system but loved the Story portions that I had seen. I ended up drifting off to something else, I believe it was BLOPS3 at the time. Came back to it late 2016 and loved the changes but still hated some of the combat but it was for sure improved. Finished the main campaign at about 40 hours. I leveled mostly as combat and had only the basic Feline gear. This was the GOG version so not everything was in Steam.

Picked it up on Steam for $20 bucks and said lets do the DLC now, this was a few months ago. Of course it took me a while to start it. The past 2 weeks I put another 40 hours into it. I started Blood and Wine, got a bit into it and realized I was a bit under leveled and under geared. So I went back to Velen and realized some things about the game.

Roach is useless
The game basically needs mods for basic UI changes
Its always rainy in Velen.
Basic movement really sucks.

So I looked at the map and said damn, I missed a ton of stuff during the regular playthru. I started collected all the ? marks and doing basically everything on the map. Got tired of doing quests with only one marker, so downloaded a mod to allow all markers for quests to be shown to make traveling much easier.

During traveling I almost raged so many times from both Geralt and Roach. Roach gets stuck on EVERYTHING and its basically better to just sprint for objectives. If it was less than 300 steps, I ran. Geralt movement is rough too, hit an uneven area, he is forced to walk. Hit an incline, get ready to slide forever, even getting stuck in a halfpipe type thing between surfaces. It's so bad. Swimming sucks.

Eventually I gathered all the witcher gear and crafted the Grandmaster Griffin set. I looked at my time played and I added another 42 hours just exploring the older areas of Skellige, Velen, White Orchard. Now I am on yet another break before I go back to the DLC because I am about burnt out on the game again.

I love the game for all the awesome quests and stories, characters are awesome. But damn some pretty basic things are so bad. Thankfully the PC community comes thru with some awesome mods that make it more manageable to play.
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