Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for Wii U? wtf? [Up: Now at Best Buys]

Hasn't Kid Icarus for Wii U been listed at retailers (Amazon?) for a while too?

Obviously nothing is confirmed, but I'd love to play HD versions of 3DS games on Wii U.
Will not buy again. Not the kind of game I'd like to play twice, plus the constant and predictable interruptions from professor irritated me. I'll take Kid Icarus though.
I missed this game because of it hitting at the wrong date. Would totally pick up for Wii U. I was hoping for them to do just this, too.

But yea, Kid Icarus U please
If Nintendo's gonna go ahead with the whole 3DS to WiiU ports, it'd be smart if they include some form of #yopo.

Sony is gonna have them beaten with Vita's remote play.


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Must be a mistake. Nintendo like to keep their console and handheld offerings seperate for the most part.


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If the assets are made for Wii U first, then optimized for 3ds then I could support the idea more. I'm all for more people getting more games on various systems yada yada...but portable ports to consoles just really bug me from a value perspective. If the game gets additional work done, such as higher res textures and higher fidelity models and post effects that the Wii U can handle over the 3ds then I could see a Wii U game price tag being reasonable. If it doesn't get additional treatment then I would be okay with a 3ds game price tag on it.

Either way, I'd likely pick it up as I don't have a 3ds and will likely be picking up a Wii U this holiday. Also, I've been wanting a sequel to Luigi's Mansion for sometime now!


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As sad as it may seem, I would double dip on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Kid Icarus: Uprising if it were available in HD. I loved these games so much.
Make it a proper remake and not just MH3G HD it. And at a locked 60fps, the 3DS game is 30 most of the time and at tiny spots at 60 (only going by the demo/the beginning of the game).
They'd have to change the game significantly if they implemented dual analog. I dunno, it's possible, but commercialy it doesn't make much sense. The Wii U library is already too similar to 3DS'