Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has online multiplayer (OP updated)


Official multiplayer "Hunter Mode" trailer:

Impressions from NWR reveal that there is indeed online multiplayer.

In my latest demo session, Nintendo laid out a big surprise -- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has a full-blown multiplayer -- and it has local, download, and online play! In multiplayer, one to four different versions of Luigi climb the "scarescraper," a tower of semi-randomly generated room sets. You can choose from among scarescrapers with 5, 10, 25, or endless numbers of floors and three difficulty levels, normal, hard, and expert.

I spent some time playing Hunter Mode, which suggests there are other multiplayer types that they haven't yet revealed. In Hunter Mode, players must clear the entire floor of ghosts within a limited time. The gameplay is simple -- explore the mansion, find the ghosts, and suck them up with your vacuum. Time is relatively short, so it works best when players spread out to uncover the ghosts and then pair up to bring them down. Players generally play cooperatively, but in Zelda: Four Swords style, players also compete for coins.
More info from Dtoid:

Every fifth level features a boss fight. After completing levels there is a also a red coin scramble that tasks your team with picking up four randomly scattered red coins throughout the floor before time runs out -- and it runs out quickly. Do so and a power up roulette will precede your next floor, awarding items like a doubly powerful Poltergust. If someone collects more red coins than the others, they have a greater chance of winning the power-up. Adding to the mild undertones of competitively beneath this wholly cooperative mode is a statistics screen between levels that shows information like who captured the mists ghosts, who was downed the most, and so on.
Further impressions by IGN has more still.

Video preview by GameXplain


UPDATE: Famitsu has outlined some (vague?) details about the multiplayer modes. There is apparently contention that it has an online mode of some sort, but whether if it's online multiplayer seems to be unclear at this point.

Download Play, Local Play, Internet play.

New feature: Dark Light. The shadow of things that have been disappeared by cursed spheres (?) will appear when shone with this light.

Capturing the Sphere that will jump out when you shine the light on the area will return the object.

This does seem to confirm single card local multiplayer though, so yay!

Original post:

This comes from the official website:

Luigi™ returns in an all new puzzle-solving spooky adventure!

Join Luigi as he stumbles and bumbles through haunted mansions, solving mind-melting puzzles and vacuuming up ghosts left and right with the help of Professor E. Gadd and an array of gadgets.

Each mansion is filled with unique puzzles, a wide range of different ghosts, and a menacing boss battle. You'll need to use your head and the Poltergust 5000, a ghost-catching vacuum cleaner, to clean up the mansions and save the day.

With so many new places to explore, all new ways to capture ghosts, and a brand new local multiplayer mode, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is another star turn for Mario's heroic brother—and it's only on Nintendo 3DS.
It's also worth noting that it still says "1 player" in the sidebar.

Vacuum if old?
I've always wanted a co-op game where you explore a haunted mansion.

This is either a mistake or its probably about some street pass feature or something. The game comes out in NA March 24th. I think we would've heard something about there being a co-op mode by now.
Holy shit if they work in the Luigi's Mansion attraction from Nintendo Land. That would instantly make its MP better than nearly everything out there.
Looking forward to this. Multiple missions per mansion, and the new Game Informer preview said there were at least five mansions on the map in the demo build they had.
Well, the local multiplayer mode is a nice touch and at least partially explains the many delays the game has seen.

What I'm still most interested in is finding out why there's a Nintendo Network logo on the final box art. Since local multiplayer is confirmed and not online multiplayer, I can only assume this at the very least means some kind of achievement system or online leaderboard. Possibly even paid DLC. That would be a nice touch.
if they work in the Luigi's Mansion attraction from Nintendo Land. That would instantly make its MP better than nearly everything out there.
That would be awesome (and very Nintendo-ish thing to do, considering how many games they included Pac-Man Vs.), especially if it's single-cart multi-player!
Local multiplayer.

So not online multiplayer.

In true Nintendo fashion.

I wonder if it'd be like Spirit Tracks' multiplayer...

Not totally on topic, but I wonder why Luigi can't save Daisy in this like Mario saves Peach in his games?

Has Daisy even appeared in a main game? (Besides Super Mario Land)
Darn :(

I only have a few friends/cousins with one, but I have two 3DSes so it would be okay.
I live in the UK, trying to find someone with a 3DS is like trying to find a unicorn.

They must exist though, because I get street pass hits occasionally.

Would have appreciated online play, but I wasn't going to buy it for it's multiplayer anyway.
I think rumble was a huge part of the gamecube game.

Fighting the vacuum while the motor was going crazy was half the fun.

I don't see how you can even play the game without rumble effects.
If it does exist, and it is local multiplayer I'll be pissed.

Why would they make is local? I thought Nintendo (I know Next Level is developing it) was done "forgetting" about online.

Edit: So WTF if the damn Nintendo Network logo for? DLC?
Then what, I go hunting for people with 3DS units and then creep them out when I ask if they'll play games with me? I'm not doing that anymore.
Find a local 3DS Streetpass meetup group and play Luigi's Mansion multi-player with them. If the purpose of the gathering is for 3DS meet and greet, it's not going to creep them out.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
What if it isn't just local? The Luigi's Mansion cover has the lable about Online Interactions not rated

It's the label every title where players can play / interact through online must have.