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Mafia |OT| When Death is on the Line

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| Flavour |

(you should totally read this thread in GAF Dark Theme, makes it more atmospheric)

Woo-hoo! I'm proud to present the inaugural GAF Mafia Competition! I, Crab, will be acting as your moderator, and would like to warmly welcome you to the beautiful island of Sicily. The island's wonderful and fertile soils lead to it being a cornerstone of Mediterranean culture; a prized possession of the Roman Empire and a proud kingdom in the medieval ages. The weather varies between merely beautiful and outright gorgeous, sunny days looking over the deep blue waters. The nightlife is superb, with some of the greatest clubs you can encounter in all of Italy. Your hotel is quite lovely as well - plushy pillows in enormous beds, staff who wait on you hand and foot, a luxurious swimming pool to laze around in. There's only one problem:

The severed head of one of your fellow tourists, lying neatly on his lap, propped up in the atrium, and a note nailed to his forehead.

"The Cosa Nostra have decided that the owner of your fine hotel has failed to pay his dues, and each night he must be reminded of this failure. We shall kill you, one by one, until nothing remains but the honour of our family. The phone lines are cut, the roads are blocked: you must simply accept your fate.

You weren't sure who made the suggestion, but from among the other tourists a consensus emerged: if the roads were blocked, the Mafiosi must be hiding amongst you. Clearly, if each day, the tourists took the solemn decision of killing one of your number, then awoke the next day with no further deaths, then this terror would be over. Your heart set, but fear burning in your stomach, you nod, and discussions over who will be first begin. You can only hope that you survive this experience. After all, one should never go in against a Sicilian...


| Player List |


El Topo
Mattyg [1 prod]
tomakasatnav [1 prod]

Barrylocke the Old Colonel [killed Night 1]
egruntz the Ordinary Tourist [1 prod] [lynched Day 2]
Duress the Real Tough Guy [killed Night 2]
johnnyquicknives the God-fearing American [lynched Day 3]
Foshy the Ordinary Tourist [killed Night 3]
Ward the Ordinary Tourist [killed Night 3]
Kalor the Ordinary Tourist [lynched Day 4]
irfanaator the Ordinary Tourist [killed Night 4]
Amir0x the Ordinary Tourist [lynched Day 5]
nin1000 the Medical Student [killed Night 6]
Rembrandt the Ordinary Tourist [lynched Day 7]
pants the Blonde Bombshell [killed Night 7]
QuantumBro the Magical Entertainer [killed Night 7]
Lord of Castamere the Shadow [lynched Day 8]
StayDead the Hopeless Sleepwalker [killed Night 8]
RobotNinjaHornets the Man with a Million Keys [lynched Day 9]
ultron_87 the Peeping Tom [killed Night 9]

Xpike [replaced by StayDead on Night 1]

Deleted member 231381

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| Rules |

1. All site-wide rules are also applicable here. Please do not bring this community into disrepute.
2. Unless your Role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, discussion about this game must be strictly confined to this thread.
3. Unless your role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, do not quote or posts screen-shots of any PMs or posts that were not made in this thread. This is to prevent players using screenshots of material I sent them as proof. You are allowed, however, to lie about any mechanics or things I may have told you (within reasonable bounds).
4. Please be courteous to your fellow players. Mafia can be a game of high tension, and occasionally aggressive play can be useful; but keep in mind that this all takes place within the context of a game, and one that is there to be enjoyed.

Activity and Deadlines
5. In general, treat this game as a commitment. Remember that other players' enjoyment of this game is dependent on your participation; this game only works if you remain reasonably active.
6. If you do not post in this thread at least once in a 72 hour (3 day) period without prior permission, I will issue a PM notifying you that your absence has been noted (a "prod"). If you receive 3 such prods over the course of a game, I will immediately seek a replacement.
7. If you do not respond to a prod within a 48 (2 day) hour period, I will immediately seek replacement.
8. If you need an extended period of absence for some other issues in life, please notify me by PM in advance. I can grant leave of up to 120 hours (5 days).
9. If you expect to be unable to post for a period of over 120 hours (5 days), please notify me by PM that you do not expect to be able to continue playing.
10. Each day phase will last 7 days, and officially begins and starts when I notify the players as such in this thread.
11. Each night phase will last 2 days, and officially begins and starts when I notify the players as such in this thread.
12. In the event of a day ending with no player having a plurality of the votes, then the game will proceed to the next night phase with nobody lynched ("no-lynch").
13. In the event of a phase ending with me not having received an action PM from a given player with a relevant action, then the game will proceed to the next phase with no action having been taken ("no-action").

Voting, Lynching, and Death
14. For your vote to count, it must be presented in the following format: VOTE: Crab, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
15. To remove a vote from a player, you must present in the following format: UNVOTE: Crab, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
16. It is not necessary to unvote before casting new vote for a different player; unvoting is simply to remove a vote without casting a new one.
17. I will accept within reason misspelt names; although if I am unsure I will notify you as such and in the meanwhile discount the vote. Votes in broken tags will not count.
18. Once someone has received a strict majority (50% +1) of the available votes, they are considered lynched. Once this has happened, any further votes or unvotes that phase will not be counted, and I will end that day phase and proceed to the next night phase as soon as possible. Someone who has the majority of the votes will not be considered dead until the end of that day phase proper.
19. Players may bring a day phase to an end immediately without lynching by voting for VOTE: No Lynch. The above rules apply.
20. Once you are dead, you are dead: you may no longer discuss the game in ANY manner with ANY of the remaining players. Dead players may PM me one last message for the other players, which I will post on their behalf in this thread. The sole condition is that it contains NO game-relevant information, e.g. "Thanks guys for an excellent game!" is allowed, "My partner was John!" is not.

21. Outside of the VOTE and UNVOTE commands, the use of the highlight tag is strictly my prerogative. Do not use it.
22. Do not edit your posts. If you are a repeat offender, I will seek a replacement.
23. I will attempt to provide a list of the votes so far (a "Vote Count") as frequently as possible. If you feel I have forgotten to do so recently, please just ask and I will do so at the first opportunity.
24. I reserve the right to add, remove, or modify existing any rules at any point, and enforcement may be applied retrospectively. However, I will inform all players when I have done so.
25. In general, do not try and exploit loop-holes in the rules.

The Golden Rule
GOLD: Have fun! This can be an absolutely fantastic game and a great way to make friends, so go out there and enjoy it!

Deleted member 231381

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| Sample Role PMs |


You are an Ordinary Tourist.

You are aligned with the Tourists.

You have no abilities other than voting.

You win when only Tourist-aligned players remain.

The game thread is here.


You are a Mafia Goon.

You are aligned with the Mafia.

Your partners are [redacted]; their roles are [redacted]. Each night phase, one of the Mafia-aligned player may kill one of the non-Mafia-aligned players by PMing me with the command KILL: Crab. This action will be associated with the player who sent the PM. You may also communicate with other Mafia-aligned players at the QuickTopic board found here.

You win when Mafia-aligned players outnumber non-Mafia-aligned players.

The game thread is here.

| Next Deadline |

End of Day 2
1st February

Deleted member 231381

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Apologies, I made a teensy cock-up. Some of the Role PMs say "Ordinary Tourist" or "Mafia Goon" at the very top even when that isn't your role; the correct role is always the high-lighted one inside the quotes.

Some roles will have various forms of COMMAND: Target. In case it wasn't obvious, change out the Target to the name of the player you want to be the target. I used my own name as the default for PMs, eg, KILL: Crab, but as killing the moderator probably won't go well, it's advisable to change that to the player you want to get rid of. :p

Aside from that, all role PMs are out. If you need to ask any questions about your role, do so by PM, otherwise, please confirm as swiftly as possible. The game will begin once everyone has confirmed. If you fail to confirm, the game will have to be delayed briefly while we look for a replacement, so please be swift!

Also, all roles were handed out randomly using an RNG. No favouritism here. :)


7 day day phrases should be interesting. I've never played forum mafia before so it will be intresting playing a longer form of it.


7 day day phrases should be interesting. I've never played forum mafia before so it will be intresting playing a longer form of it.

It allows things to really get tense since there's such a time lag that i find tension builds to a crescendo :D

Deleted member 231381

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7 day day phrases should be interesting. I've never played forum mafia before so it will be intresting playing a longer form of it.

As a brief reminder, days won't necessarily last that long. If someone receives a majority of the vote, the day ends immediatetely with their lynch! The longer deadlines exist to allow tensions to stew deliciously. :3
There's definitely an altered strategy element to forum mafia vs real life or webcam mafia. I'm anxious to start, though I'm sure some of the unconfirmed are busy with holiday things.

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when does it actually start?

If everyone confirms before 29th December, then as soon as everyone has confirmed. If a few people fail to show up before then, we'll have to wait for replacement players. So, could be a few days after the 29th, could be a few days before, depending.

Currently we're waiting on 3 players still - Quantumbro, rukland and Xpike. Thank you to everyone else for your swift replies!

Deleted member 231381

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Rukland is our sole player to be cut, so looking for one replacement. Hopefully we get a swift reply.
Now that you can see my face for Real Pic January, I'm sure you'll all realize that this is NOT the face of a filthy mafioso.

Anticipation almost overflowing.


the people who don't participate in real pic january are all very very suspicious.

what do you guys have to hide, huh


Still no news about replacements? spread the word GAF! I am getting tense already and impatiently waiting for the game to start

Deleted member 231381

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Sorry for the delay, it's proving more time consuming finding a replacement than I expected - I have to go through people one by one, and sometimes they take more than a day to reply. I've just sent the 4th "you mentioned interest, join plz" message now, so here's hoping. Worst case scenario I'll just cut the player count by 1, given another day or two. If we do this again, I'll try and find a better way of running the replacement process; there has to be some quicker way of handling it. It didn't help that, naming no names, someone said yes and then pulled out at the last minute.

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I may have missed it, but will we know the full allotment of roles when the game starts?

No, the roles are secret. The roles of Ordinary Tourist and Mafia Goon are definitely present, but the rest of the roles attached to any of the alignments will not be revealed until the death of the player with that role or the end of the game, whichever first. It's entirely up to you how much you trust someone's claim, if they make one.
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