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Major PS4 System Software Update v2.0 Available NOW


MP3 player is very slick, keeps playing when launching/exiting games, switching apps etc. Pretty surprised actually.
A friend is telling me that he can't use SharePlay with a friend, it won't let them join each others games. Any one else having this issue?

He's in Germany, btw, if that matters.

Edit: Now he's saying that some games work, but others don't.


Hm, I'm logged in to my US PSN account, have access to the store and everything, but I can't connect to the servers when playing any online game (BF4, Warf Thunder, Trials...).

Anyone else?


Other features or changes:
-Standby is now call Rest Mode.
-You can now manually check for updates for individual games
- you can set how long USB ports are going to be powered (for charging controllers)
- there's a guide for voice commands
- devices now display mouse (so it should work now)
- you can record voice messages by pressing triangle
- tweaks to the party screen
- PS button brings you to popup now
- battery indicator in upper left corner
-You can now browse through the live streams menu while the current stream you are watching gets a windowed mode

Thanks everyone.
Mine is also stuck in standby. Can't connect via remote play or ps app. Pressing the power button does nothing.

Incoming stability updates...

This is possibly something to do with the TV. I just put it into standby and left the TV turned on until it was properly in standby, and it seems to have worked. Previously I had just immediately turned the TV off.

It could also be a coincidence, though. Worth a try?
I noticed that we can customise our notifications...was that there before? I'm glad I don't have to be notified anymore whenever a friend joins a party.


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Ditto on the "stuck in standby" issue. PITA.

I was able to "wake it up" by unplugging the console, counting to 20 ,and then plugging back in (quick remove of power didn't help).

It then had to do it's standard "recovery" scan and it rebooted fine.

I'll avoid standby for now..but it's truly a pain because it's how/when I traditionally charge my controllers.


Other features or changes:

Thanks everyone.

To elaborate, if you press the PS button while in a game or app, the home screen now shows a popup in the top left that shows all devices in use by that user. So headset battery, keyboard connection, controllers and anything else is in there. Great for a quick battery level check.


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Third times the charm: When I go to Shareplay, get as far as picking someone to play with and then back out, my volume goes right down and I have to restart my PS4 to put it right. Is anyone else having this issue? It's when it doesn't detect a mic.
Cannot link Youtube either to stream or to log into my account (n)

Yeah. Constant error communicating with server. Managed to link the account a couple times but nothing still works or it asks me to link again.

Same here. Not sure if related to update, but also can't now log into Destiny :(

Once I confirm which YT account I want to link to my PSN account it just goes into a sign up loop. Annoying.

Strange thing is, I signed into the new PS4 YT app with my primary YT account without being prompted which account I wanted to use. It just signed me in automatically. So I am assuming accounts are connected but something is just not working as regards to direct YT uploads.
Mine is also stuck in standby. Can't connect via remote play or ps app. Pressing the power button does nothing.

Incoming stability updates...
Hold onto the power button until it shuts off completely (give it at least 30 seconds) and then turn it back on. Should be fine afterwards.
If it doesn't respond then wipe down the power button with a cloth (oily fingers or just general residue) and try again.
Sad to say this happened to me on launch day lol so it's nothing new.
shareplay works
but you need a testable upload speed in excess of 768 kbit possibly twice that nor sure. Definitely under 768kbit, blocks hosting,

if latency is a factor, control is drunken. duh. nobody is gonna platinum anything on west coast to east coast.

video quality settings are medium or high. medium is blurry but not macro blocked to hell and frame rate is honest.


I wouldn't try too hard to do anything involving PSN right now, it's bogged down. Give it a while before testing Shareplay and linking YouTube accounts etc.


Interesting conundrum:

Is it better to now play against a friend in a game (NHL 15 for instance) using Share Play or to play against them online? Is there less lag when using Share Play as opposed to playing a regular online game?

Anyone have an idea?
It seems (though could just be traffic) that you should first update PS4 and then Vita if you want remote play to keep working. I updated my Vita first and now I can't find my PS4 with it - could be though that PSN is just too busy or something.
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