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Majority of Americans now support Trump's impeachment

Jan 11, 2019
Tokyo, Japan
Dear Cunts ( H Hotspurr Lamel Lamel @Patriots7 @womfalcs3),

You might get less dismissive responses if you didn’t finish every post with pre-emptive snark suggesting that anyone responding negatively to you is a rabid Trump supporter who is beyond reproach. Your constant metacommentary and condescending tone (wee woo) reveal the true meaning of your posts and are the real reason for the dismissals. However, like true narcissists, you can do no wrong in your minds, so it’s the children who are wrong.

It’s not about Trump; it’s about you. I believe your saying is “do better”.

Fuck you very much,
Welcome back. King!
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Joe T.

Oct 3, 2004
Montreal, Quebec
And take away the only thing conservatives have going for them?

I'm mean but I'm not that mean.

Off topic, but your post came to mind tonight while I was browsing Twitter. Noticed that the media has launched a new offensive against memes, spearheaded by the NY Times and aided by a whole host of "journalists"/activists, including Scaramucci (below). They brought up an old video by Carpe Donktum and are trying to get everyone worked up into a frenzy. It uses a church scene from Kingsman with Trump on the rampage against media outlets and political opponents, so you can probably guess how it's being pitched and received.

It's as transparent as it gets since Trump has retweeted his videos several times before and the press was well aware of Carpe. Curious to see if this appeal to emotion scores them the victory they're after. The masses are easily manipulated.

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Dec 8, 2015
Makes sense: The majority of voters didn't want him, and he's never had a positive approval rating. Not to surprised that when you give people an option to get rid of him with reasons, they take it. Bonus that it's coming at the same time as him fucking up so bad his own party is edging towards the door.


Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018
Safe prediction: Trump wins 2020 and his detractors spend another 4 years using politics as an excuse to harangue anyone they don't like.

Trump is not to blame for this. It could be Trump. It could be Romney. It could be Ben Shapiro or his clone Shen Bapiro. It would make no difference. If the candidate isn't theirs, they will use it as a pretense to seethe against the supporters. With Obama, it was viewed as pretty unreasonable even within conservative circles to attack anyone who was an Obama supporter. The man himself? Fair game, but I don't recall such a sustained and hateful campaign against anyone who voted for him, anyone who happened to work with the president.
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