Man dies after having sex using epoxy adhesive instead of a condom

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Man dies after having sex using epoxy adhesive instead of a condom​

His faux-phylactic resulted in fatal organ failure.

Police are probing the bizarre case of a 25-year-old Indian man who suddenly died after using a high-powered epoxy resin — instead of a condom — before having sex.

“They used the adhesive to avoid pregnancy,” a local investigator told the Times of India of the prophylactic fiasco, which occurred June 22 at a hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

According to a senior Ahmedabad city police officer, Salman Mirza, of Fatehwadi, and his unnamed ex-fiancée were captured on closed-circuit television security footage entering the fatal flophouse in the Juhapura neighborhood of Ahmedabad.

“Several witnesses said that Mirza, along with his former fiancée, both of whom were addicted to drugs, had gone to a hotel in Juhapura,” the senior police official told the local outlet. “There, they applied an epoxy adhesive on his private parts as they were not carrying any protection.”

In addition to sealing off Mirza’s manhood, the couple also mixed the epoxy with “whitener” and inhaled the mixture for a “kick,” News18 reported. The lovebirds’ acquaintances told an official the doomed duo were intoxicated from the chemical cocktail at the time of the ill-fated hookup.

The following day, Mirza’s acquaintance Firoz Shaik discovered the man lying unconscious in shrubs near an apartment complex, whereupon he took him home, according to the Times of India report. His condition deteriorated rapidly, prompting Firoz to rush his friend to Sola Civil Hospital.

Police report that Mirza “died due to multiple organ failure” caused by the MacGyver-style contraceptive. Meanwhile, the man’s friends suspect that he might have lost consciousness while abusing the chemical and the counterfeit condom only accelerated his demise.

Mirza was described as the “only earning” breadwinner for his family, which included his elderly parents and two sisters. His relatives reportedly filed a complaint with the local police requesting an inquiry into his death.

“The viscera samples of the deceased have been sent for forensic examination,” Deputy Police Commissioner Premsukh Delu told local outlets. “We are waiting for the report to arrive.”

Source: NYPost
I'm struggling to wrap my head around this. Did be coat his dick in it, or did he squirt it down his dick to block the flow of cum?



if this happened in bigbutt, ID, it'd be funny, but it's a couple of drug addicted lovers in india, and of whom seems to have fucked his family as well as his own self, it's just, awful and tragic and regrettable as hell

note to self: Do not resin ur wang.

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The skin of the penis is extremely thin and porous, anything that comes in contact with it will be absorbed into the blood stream. That's how STDs are transmitted. Don't put anything weird on your dick people, it's not that hard.


“Aww, it’s so...average,” she said to him in a cold brick of passion
Honestly my first thought after I read everything was regarding his partner. Like man or woman how could you be so fucking stupid as to have sex with someone who dips their dick in epoxy rather than just pop down to the gas station or Walgreens for some rubbers.


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There has to be some details we're missing here because how can anyone apply some epoxy adhesive to their genitals hoping this would work similarly to a condom? This does not compute with me. Maybe they were high on the stuff and, in a moment of insanity, thought of applying some to their genitals to somehow augment the thrill. The stuff is extremely strong and burns if too much of it comes into contact with your skin. Unless he was severely intoxicated and no longer completely there, this must not have been a pleasant death.

There's no word either on what happened to the woman after the incident. She must have suffered some injury or aftereffect.
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