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Beastars ch20

That's got to be a bit awkward if he ever found out, lol. Neat bit of world building to let off some steam.

Mob Psycho 100 ch99.03

As always Reigen knows the best words.

Angry Grimace

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One turns to the other and says "does something taste funny to you?"
I mean, I don't even know what else there is to do.

Natsu just punched Zeref so hard he died and the parfum guy killed Acnologia (there were 2 different threads, but Acnologia was kind of an afterthought, really).


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Seven Seas just announced an official release of the original Devilman manga, thereby cementing themselves as the greatest English manga publisher forever.
Really? That's good to hear. I'll have to pick it up just to have it. I've already read the series but its one of the classics and one of the biggest inspirations for my favorite manga's, Berserk.
Screaming Lessons 46

I'm usually onboard with (comparatively) innocent characters getting screwed over in this series, but this occasion didn't strike a chord with me. Maybe it's because what happened to her was fairly mundane. Maybe it's because I do actually feel vaguely bad for her. Or maybe it's because I've seen the raw for the continuation chapter and
she doesn't go on a stabbing spree in response, despite the ending setting it up
Kimetsu no Yaiba 61
One of the best chapters of the series. The cutting throat in dreams to wake up then losing sense of reality was pretty messed up.

Tanjiro and Inosuke tag team against demon train has been pretty fun.
shokugeki no soma 214 - 215

While it was obvious soma wouldn't lose this early. I think the overall message is going to be something to do with soma's approach to cooking vs azami's only making gourmet food.

The Isshiki battle has an obvious outcome. I have a feeling he'll be battling it out with rindou eventually maybe.

Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu 1 - 2

I was wondering if this was ever going to get translated. Its a new series by the creator of squid girl about a guy who gets tricked into joining the mysterious research club, mostly as a test subject.

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai 6

This guy sure has a talent for finding out of shape non-human girls.
Tokyo Ghoul :re 125

Holy shit, he actually did it. I thought it would be a kiss at most and even that maybe offpaneled.

That first page seems pretty foreboding to me though.
Tokyo Ghoul Re 125

I've only seen a few anime episodes and never read the manga before now

👌 You get yours Kaneki

Can ghouls have kids? Has the series previously establishe ghouls can get rock hard?
I know right, I'm like no plot what so ever? If I wanted to see two characters getting it on I'd be reading another manga
2 people dealing for the whole run of the series with loneliness and abandonment issues getting some affection is plot.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 125

Can ghouls have kids? Has the series previously establishe ghouls can get rock hard?
Well yes. Ghouls with ghouls that is. Ghouls x human is a much more complicated affair and who the hell knows how Kaneki, as an artificial hybrid, works in this scenario.
Tokyo Ghoul

Lol at the entire chapter being a 20 page long sex scene.
I know right, I'm like no plot what so ever? If I wanted to see two characters getting it on I'd be reading another manga
Tokyo Ghoul ;re 125

I stopped reading this a long time ago but somebody told me this chapter was just Kaneki and Touka straight fuckin and it was true
As phaze said, this whole scene (all twenty pages of it) is the plot. Both of these characters have been starved of positive and healthy relationships. Whether it be with friends, family or lovers. Kaneki, was straight up abused by his mother before she died and then the first girl he asked on a date tried to eat him. Whereas Touka has seen everyone she loves run to places where she couldn't catch them, first with her father, then Ayato and then Kaneki. This, if it was going to happen, needed to be a chapter in length, not as some sort of odd voyeur chapter, but to show/convey how awkward/messed up they are, and how being with each other gives some stability, comfort and purpose to their lives.

It was a cute, beautiful and also a very awkward scene, but it was meant to be one. So well done Ishida for portraying a somewhat realistic love scene.

Touka's faces when they start is b***dy priceless. xD
This Kind of MadoMagi would be the Worst / Forced Luminous / Maiko Magica (SFW shorts)
I feel mildly nauseous. People joke about the darkest timeline, but forcibly breaking Homura's luminous loyalty may actually be it. Connecting with her before her heart's prepared gets a dishonourable mention. Madoka's family falling apart is just a natural element of modern society and barely deserves comment. Also Magia has now been permanently ruined for me.
Fairy Tail Ch536: I feel that last page would've been a lot cooler if we'd seen some more interaction between the pair. I mean, until around this past Arc or so, everything was so cryptic. I would've preferred a solid, more substantial interaction beyond; You are my brother, you died, I made you a daemon. If I die, you die. It has no - read little - impact. Which is a shame, as it looks really cool.
Fairy Tail 536;

Probably the most anticlimactic fight in all of Manga....

Just like always Natsu just namaka punches the main villain(currently Zeref) into next week; who I might add had supposed unlimited magic.

Acnologia doesn't even get a proper fight, just a game of cat and mouse the is pushed into the "Ravines of Times" with two character that no one will lose sleep over....

I don't what I expected but it clearly wasn't this...
Tokyo Ghoul
Just read the manga to see what the fuss is about with you guys.
I had to check if i was on the right tablol you guys i honestly don't know what i expected
i do wish i got a warning
I dib't know as a person who only watched a few episodes of the anime and only seen sketeches of the manga it's the best chapter of Tokyo Ghoul
It has action, humor, character development, emotional moments and great art,
i dare you to show something better
Tokyo Ghoul Re 125
Fuckin lmao
You wanted romantic development, well there it is lol
Given this series I was expecting them to start eating each other half way through
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fairy tail
Double nakama punch to end with the two big baddies of the whole story so... yay? I guess in the next episode the first will freeze both of them into a crystal so that Natsu doesnt die and we have something so that lucy is aok and we have 8 chapters of "everything is ok, all people got their happy ending". Still better ending than bleach

So Netflix sweden got the Blame film, put it, the background looked gorgeous and then the characters appeared... they are worse than the first berseker movie


One day I realized that sadness is just another word for not enough coffee.
Tokyo Ghoul is an edgelord manga for edgelords but 125 is pretty sweet and I always liked the art.
Tokyo Ghoul is an edgelord manga for edgelords but 125 is pretty sweet and I always liked the art.
Disrespecting the Evangelion/Utena/Berserk of our times like this, smh.
I mean, Tokyo Ghoul was full on edge lord at moments... Tokyo Ghoul re: however... I think often makes fun of its edge lord past. And, any time it does have an edge lord moment it seems to feel as if it's self-referencing itself, trying to drawn parallels and all that shizz.