March Games with Gold - Rayman Legends (X1), Tomb Raider and BS: Infinite (360)

I've already finished Rayman Legends on Wii U but sure, I'll take the free X1 version

TR is okay but Bioshock Infinite is the worst piece of shit 2013 game I've played
Great games next month. I haven't bought Legends yet so it's actually quite a nice surprise for me. TR and B:I are both awesome games but I already own both on PC.
I won't hold my breath until it's officially on, but if so, this would be the absolute best month with Games for Gold ever.

Already own Rayman on Xbox One but more people having it would be excellent. Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite are both amazing games. And IDARB is just delightful!
Good selection this month. Already have rayman on 360 and its a b grade platformer IMO but I'm sure the rayman fanbase here will be happy.
Great selection of games there. I'll now own Legends on three platforms I guess. Hopefully Tomb Raider's presence here hints at a release of the Xbox One version sometime before the launch of the new game later this year.

Aw hell, I guess that's ok. Rayman Legends sucked so much ass, but...ehhh.
Well if it's true that's a damn great month. Good game on 360 and Rayman on X1 which is amazing.

Also the text at the end would indicate that they will give 4 games for each platform in april?
I have the 360 Rayman Legends but this is better, I might play more now.
Already played Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite but now I've got an excuse to buy the Infinite DLC when it goes on sale again.
Guys Rayman is AMAZIIINNGGGGG, glorious graphics and glorious soundtrack and glorious everything, + a billion levels from Origins as side unlockables.

The game is worth its salt even only for the "20 000 lums under the sea" world, which is where the quality reaches dizzying heights !

Edit : is this US only ? as far as I'm concerned IDARB has been downloadable for free since february. I have downloaded it actually.