March Wrasslin' |OT| The March to Wrestlemania XXXIII!

I knew I'd hate AJ v Shane, but I didn't realize just how much until I saw it in action.

He deserves better.
Watch the Mania crowd chant the names of preferred opponents for AJ Styles all throughout their match. We'll get a "Nakamura" chant, a "Daniel Bryan" chant, a "CM Punk" chant, a "Kurt Angle" chant, a "Kenny Omega" chant, a "Xavier Woods" chant which will be automatically followed by a "Paige" chant... etc.

Also, we need an OT2 for March.
Shane is going to defeat AJ and Roman will retire Taker. I won't watch Mania, but I'll check clips after to see how the crowd reacts.

Also, Usos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...>>>>>>>>>>>> American
I was shocked last night, the Usos actually put on a good match with American Alpha. It wasn't AA vs The Revival, but it was damn good for either team.

I still hate the thug Uso style though.
Gross 'cism. Did you see them on the side of the road adjusting their antennae or something?
Good callback, I remember that thread. Self high-five yourself.

There is no explanation for their change in style beyond "we're heels now, gotta look the part". I need substance in character changes beyond "we're heel now, we don't need the tribal look anymore".
Big WWE fan looking for substance.


It doesn't have to be big, but the fact that the announcers are still driving home the point of "they changed their attitudes so now they look different" in a match tells me they haven't done much to explain it to the audience and have to remind them why they're not the tribal Usos they used to see.