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Mario Kart 8 Patch Coming: On-TV Map, Stats Screen, and Improved Online

Coming from Cheesemeister

8/27 update to add map display on the TV screen, 3 free Mercedes-Benz karts: GLA, W25 Silver Arrow, 300 SL Roadster.

Records screen w/ total coins, online win-loss record, character selection rates, etc. being added. Improved online stability.

Default menu selection following GP changing to next race. Last used kart customization added to save. Edit others' highlights.


I wish they would add chat in game with all players with the option to turn it off. I'm glad they are adding more karts though.
Sweet, they're adding records and improving the online play: cool beans!
I can't wait for them to start adding in new characters and new tracks.


They're fixing like half of my complaints with the game in one fell swoop. Nice.

Now maybe we can get a battle mode DLC?


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I'm a bit surprised as their games seem quite polished before being released. However, MK7 received a patch. So did a Pokemon game.


Yessss. This fixes every complaint about the game I had except for battle mode arenas.
Especially the no on-screen map, while the gamepad player had a map to themselves.

It's nice to see Nintendo updating something with more than just stability.


All that's left now is the ability to change controls. I want to drive with the triggers.

Can we start a hashtag campaign real quick over this? Maybe they can squeeze it into this update.

Also this:

Sega/Initial D x Nintendo

Bring us the Trueno AE86 and tracks like Akina.


I don't think I understand the menu gp change thing everyone's yelling praise over.

Answer me this: is whatever they're updating going to change how fucking long it takes to end one race and get into the next when you're online with a group or in a tournament?

The loading, and then the slow track selection process, and then the little slot roulette as all the dumb Miis stare up at which track it lands on, and then the slow ass load for the track itself....I just want to get into the next race and go instead of losing 3-5 mins between races.


I don't know WTF they were thinking when they decided no one needed a map. Next they need to make split screen be horizontal instead of vertical. I feel like whoever designed the game doesn't actually drive because you can't even see where you're turning


Very good. Now get some control scheme options in there! SAASRT had the PERFECT control scheme for me. I'd much prefer that on MK8.
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