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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sequel Teased by Insider


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Rumors of this new Mario + Rabbids game stem from one Nick Baker, who has been a frequent video game insider and leaker in the past. Baker took to social media earlier today and simply posted an image of the key art from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle that features the number two emblazoned on the right side. Baker didn't share a caption of any sort with the image, but it seems quite obvious that he's suggesting a sequel to Kingdom Battle could be revealed quite soon.


First one was surprisingly fun and Ubi really nailed the art direction of the game. Mario gameplay translated to X-Com style worked surprisingly well and felt like a masterful union of the brand and the genre. Game also looked stunning on the Switch. Very surprised how much I liked it, really only picked it up to play while my wife and I evacuated for a hurricane and was very impressed.


Please be true, there is so much potential here. Multiplayer, open-form campaign maps, more Nintendo characters to choose from, not having to use rabbids on your team, some cool Nintendo/Ubisoft crossover story, no lag. There are so much cool obvious touches like this that would help a lot.


I really enjoyed this game but honestly I'd rather have something different.
Agreed. I think David’s Soliani and his team are talented enough (and now trustworthy enough with Nintendo) to tackle something new. Problem is, I’d think Ubi would want to do another branding crossover…and I’m struggling to think of any I would like to see.

Rabbits was good…but we already got DLC and I’m ready to move on.
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