Mark Rein teases Unreal Tournament comeback, [More Today]

I loved me some Unreal Tournament & Quake III back in the day, didn't really care for the sequels.

Unreal Tournament browser edition I'm guessing.


Tears in the rain
Oh God if this is UT4 hahahha. Oh my fucking God if this is UT4. Beast Souls and UT4 in one day is overkill. Please stop life. STAHP!
UT could actually have alright free to play model with cosmetic stuff. UT 2004 had tons of player models and they could be monetized.
Oh yes!

Kind of hoping for a PC focus to regain the insanely frantic fast paced arena shooter from the old days. Analogue controllers really slowed down games like unreal championship and unreal 3
This has the potential to be completely fucking amazing, or absolutely the biggest letdown for me in years.

Either do a PROPER UT99 remake in UE4 or a real sequel to UT2004.

If its free to play, I am going to fucking weep.
Cosmetic F2P would be perfect. Please do the better than Id did with Quake... We need this genre back, especially with eSports-ready games being such a big deal. The whole life of arena shooters happened before the technology was ready.
Yes. I would love to see arena shooters have a presence in eSports.