Marty O'Donnell Fired By Bungie


Don't know more than this tweet as of yet, but would be a bold move by Bungie.

For those of you who don't know, O'Donnell was a primary composer for the Halo series and was the resident in-house composer for Bungie and the upcoming Destiny series.

original tweet: post from DeeJ:


I just saw that too. I feel like I can't believe that it's true. I imagined him being with Bungie until retirement.

No one can fill his shoes.


Wtf? Talk about killing the golden goose... That guy wrote some of the most iconic music in all of gaming. The Halo theme, Mjolnir mix, the fucking REACH THEME.

I mean, wow. Somebody over there just shit the bed.
Neil Druckmann, chill out breh.

On a serious note, this is really strange and bad for Bungie's soundtracks. Hopefully he lands somewhere that takes advantage of his great work.


Damn for him to put it out there like that he must have not even gotten a severance. Usually got to sign an NDA to receive it.


Why are you reading my tag instead of the title of my post?
Wait a second! That's epic music guy! You can't fire him! What the hell was the reason? Was he a dick? Did he punch a baby? Leakers, help.
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