Marvel’s Avengers delayed to September 4

Airbus Jr


Thor costumes are fugly and his faces are too soft

Ironman armor look very outdated

Black Widow look like kindergarden teacher

Hulk is the only one that on point
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Have they said anything about including the movie costumes? Spider-Man had MCU costumes so I hope this will too.
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Seriously, So many games are being delayed this year. I get that delays are normal, even good in most cases. But this is like what, the 8th time this has happened to a highly anticipated game?


Again, keep expecting this. All of these games are cross-gen and they want the double-dippers, not to mention this game looked WOEFULLY unfinished in every showing so far.


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All these delays mean that I will pick up those games for the PS5, not the PS4.
Is everyone going to delay their games until the next-gen come out? Seems like it. It's starting to look like there is a shift in Sony PS5 business plan, and everyone is taking the extra time to develop their PS5 patches for their PS4 unreleased games.
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