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Clickbait Cringe Marvel’s Kevin Feige confirms a transgender character is being introduced to the MCU


Apr 25, 2009
Post 103 contains your thoughts about the "nothing to see here" people. It doesn't discuss the actual topic on hand.


There are probably 3-5 people in this thread who simply don't care and aren't affected by this news. And you seem to primarily stick to the politics forum and Clown World thread. Your highest engagement in off topic is in threads that I post in. Of course I'm going to assume it's aimed at me.

Everything you have typed in this thread has no bearing on the topic on hand.

You ignore questions from myself and @Turnt, you avoid discussing your real thoughts and using your critical thinking on the topic of this and similar threads. You'd rather just sit there and belittle and annoy people.

I don't really care what you or anyone else on GAF think of my credibility. I'm not going to change my train of thought just to appease anyone that has beef with me. I know very well that I'm at odds with @oagboghi2, @cryptoadam, @Nymphae and matt404au matt404au . We just think differently. Just because I generally don't agree with them doesn't mean that I never agree with them. I like and agree with some of the things they say. Their credibility doesn't diminish either just because I disagree with them the majority of the time.
I don't know anyone on here in real life and I don't judge people until I meet them in person.

You ignore questions that are asked of you. As I mentioned above, you ignored what Turnt asked of you and just go on your own writing spree talking about nothing. You actually accused him of putting words in your mouth. It was you who said it's indoctrination by the Hollywood studios, or at least if you go through the history of your posts in this topic it's the only conclusion one can come to. If it was a misunderstanding you did absolutely nothing to clear up the misunderstanding and explain what you meant about indoctrination. You didn't provide any "verifiable evidence" of Hollywood and it's indoctrination or indoctrination in general.

Did you do more than read the ops topic? Did you watch the 54 minute interview? Have you looked up or researched anything about the Eternals movie and it's characters? There is plenty that is known about this movie in general. If you do your research you'll learn that the creatives have very much total freedom on their films since at least Civil War, there is plenty of evidence of this on the internet.
You are mocking the "nothing to see here" people and by extension mocking the whole fact that there would/could be a trans character in an MCU film.

The Internets favourite thing to say when there is nothing else to say. Straw-man.
Quoting a BBC article, mocking "nothing to see here" people and then citing indoctrination as an issue is very much an over-reaction based on very little facts on the particular character vaguely mentioned.

And ....... you're not trying to stifle, cut-down and ridicule my views? Weird how having a two way conversation can only have someones views stifled in only one direction.

And will you look at that, there really is NOTHING TO SEE HERE.
We're only at odds when I feel like you're lying to me which, admittedly, is quite often. I don't like being told that water isn't wet, especially when I've just dumped a bucket of water on the person's head.
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Jan 16, 2008
matt404au matt404au wrote earlier on whether it was money or a deliberate breakdown of western culture that was to blame for all of this third-wave-feminist-progressive nonsense and I just happened to read Ann Coulter's new column about "Law and Order", a police procedural airing on network TV.

Here is a snippit:

America’s apparently unstoppable gusher of mass Third World immigration is on track to deliver a sick, dystopian future, where some people will do very well -- cheap maids and all -- but women and children will fare quite poorly.

(Finally! A story where women and children really ARE “hit hardest.”) (That’s Joe Sobran’s gag on a typical New York Times headline.)

With the major media actively covering up the crimes of immigrants, and big tech companies censoring people who point out the peculiarities of other cultures, there seems to be a major campaign on to prevent Americans from noticing.

Luckily, we have “Law & Order” to tell us the truth -- technically to prompt me to tell the truth by correcting their scripts, in which sex traffickers, little boy rapists and women-hating mass shooters are invariably Trump-supporting white American males.

Beautiful actors and actresses spout dialogue written for them by “queer Jewish feminists” -- according to one writer’s self-description in response to my recent “Law & Order: SVU” column.

I had pointed out that sex traffickers of 9-year-old illegal alien girls -- while prevalent in our new “diverse” country -- have never, ever, ever been what the show advertised: married white American businessmen.

Celine Robinson responded on Twitter:

“I could not be more proud that ann coulter hates an episode of TV that I wrote. Nothing makes my heart sing like a fuming racist all-capsing about the progressive messaging she cannot stop due to her eternal and total irrelevance.


"A half French, queer, Jewish feminist”

I can’t help but notice that they don’t let viewers get a gander at Celine. No, they use hot actors and actresses -- pretty much the molecular opposite of a “queer, Jewish feminist” -- to express the multiple hatreds of a “queer, Jewish feminist” to the TV viewing public.

Here is Celine's picture:

My head hurts!


Jan 11, 2006
I have no issue with them Doing it. But I have a problem with the people who ask these questions. Who. The Fuck. Cares.
It's all the journalists care about. They want to ask future actors lame tired old questions like:

"What does it mean to you to play such a strong <insert class>"

"What does it mean for you to play the first hero with a disability?"

Yeah Daredevil totally isn't blind

At the Avengers IW premiere the dumb journalists ignored the MCU actors not associated with Black Panther. I wanted to hear from the actors we hadn't heard from in a long time but nooooooo we have to ask these same questions we just asked in February again in April
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Dec 15, 2011
sol_bad sol_bad , your response shows how closed-minded you are.

I detailed why I purposely called out leading questions and why I wouldn't be manipulated into where they were trying to push me.

You decide, as always, you know better and just bitch about me ignoring questions. Your frustration at my refusal to be manipulated is then projected as a smear on me.

You have continued to show exactly how very very bothered you are by those resisting your narrative and seeing, over and over, what you insist, over and over, doesn't exist.

I won't apologise for your frustrations. I won't believe your absurdly lengthy and repetitious claims of indifference. I will, however, call your vacuous, shallow, petulant efforts to control conversation and stifle other's voices whenever it suits me to.

EDIT: And I'd just like to highlight this as a wonderful showcase of the intellectual bankruptcy of sol_bad sol_bad 's engagement:
And ....... you're not trying to stifle, cut-down and ridicule my views? Weird how having a two way conversation can only have someones views stifled in only one direction.
Your views and practices ARE ridiculous, but at no time am I attempting to stifle you.
For example, now that your ridiculous effort about "Let other people have their opinions" (ie: "Shut the fuck up") is exposed as your effort to control the conversation and quickly becomes one more showcasing of hypocrisy on your part, you try to spin yourself the victim of what you have attempted to project onto others... ....by applying more projection.

What you conveniently distort is that I never used that argument.
You used it.
You got called out for it.
You got shown as being unable to practice what you preach.

Your counterargument?
Assert that I'm the one that did what you are proven guilty of.

Whilst you'll cry about it, this is just one more straw-man you are trying to set up: Fabricate a position of someone else and then argue against that fabrication.
It entirely justifies my requirements of evidence and proof, because intellectually corrupt "treat me like I'm an idiot" people like you prove, time and time and time again, that you have absolutely no integrity and are persistently dishonest when engaging with others.
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Jan 11, 2006
I hope China and the rest of Asian countries reject this movie and push back hard against toxic western liberalism

this is getting fucking ridiculous
TLJ didn't just fail in China. It made only 8 million in S. Korea. Prior to that TFA made triple that being the highest grossing SW ever in Korea. Also kids were calling it the 1st good one because their exposure to SW was mainly the prequels.

TLJ killed that momentum. The only country in Asia where TLJ made decent money was Japan. And that's bcuz Japan has a big Sw fanbase.

Korea is the 3rd largest market for the MCU. Avengers made over 100 million dollars there.

Every.... Single.... Girl in Asia... not conservative ones but liberals.... either thought the all girl scene in Endgame was either stupid or just funny. None of them thought it was cool.

Also they reluctantly watched Captain Marvel like it was homework. They were utterly confused why is this new character being forced on us?

Now S. Korea LOVED Black Panther for the action and visual effects especially the Busan part.
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Jan 11, 2006
I've now lost count of the amount of times the "Nothing to see here" brigade have purposefully gone into multiple threads and made multiple posts saying "Nothing to see here" and "If you don't like it just move along".

The former being a case of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", the latter being a clear case of being unable to practice what they preach.

And this, among other demonstrable reasons, is why their arguments lack credibility.
It's the most resetera esque thing here


Jul 28, 2019
Transgender should not be, MUST NOT be made a trend, let's make that specifically clear. The last thing we want to do is to have our children idolizing to become transgender, men want to become woman, women want to become man.


So let's not go down this road at all


Gold Member
Nov 25, 2015
That statement has been walked back.

While Feige’s answer appeared to respond to the specific question about a trans character, two sources close to the studio tell Variety that Feige only intended to respond to the first part about LGBT+ characters, and he did not mean to imply that a trans character will be coming to the MCU “very soon.”
Trans/Gay what’s the difference amirite?

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