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Ask me again why Ghost Rider is in the OT but Mack isn't.
Why not Mack as Ghost Rider!? He wasn't there either...

And how could I forget Fury!!

Edit: 7 per row... Hmmm, let's see...
Movies - Fury, Pym, Red Skull, Odin, Lady Sif, Pepper Pots, Ancient One
TV - Mack, Claire, Madam Gao, Stick, Kingpin, Purple Man, Cotton Mouth
I can see why Kree is apprehensive about adding anymore characters right now. There's an order to it - OG Avengers & villain first row, 2nd gen Avengers & villain second row, Guardians & villain third etc. Also the last column is entirely made out of villains.

So yeah. You do you.
This is from Marty Langford (in a VICE article), who is well-known for 'Doomed!: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four'. It is completely unreasonable to assume that the rights actually expired after the Corman movie and then somehow secretly ended up at Fox.
I watched Doomed, good documentary. I don't remember them mentioning that in there. Would you be so kind as to link to the VICE article?

Interview snippets are not evidence. As I mentioned in other threads, for all intents and purposes Fox seems to run these things and it is unreasonable to expect Feige or Gunn to give an intricate answer on complicated rights issues. Furthermore, you can find similar interview snippets in German regarding Constantin, e.g. in respected newspaper Welt.
That's actually the first evidence or inference that I see since the first Fantastic Four that Constantin owns the FF movie rights. I appreciate it.

I'm also not really sure why you consider disclaimers in the trailer or on websites circumstantial evidence. Fox doesn't own the Fantastic Four, they don't even need to own the general movie rights. They *do* however own their own movie production. You would have to prove that the disclaimer somehow shows that Fox owns the Fantastic Four movie rights (but not the property as a whole), which you are free to do.
Copyright and Trademark claims at the end of trailers and in the DVD/website/ means that the company has the rights and/or trademark to that piece of art. I think the evidence is stronger for Fox owning the movie rights, but I appreciate the evidence you have brought up and your counterarguments.

One would essentially have to answer to questions with reasonable evidence:
1. When and how did Fox obtain the movie rights?
2. Why is Constantin a co-producer?
1. That would be kind of hard to answer without being an insider. When and how exactly did Fox get the movie rights to Deadpool?
2. We don't know for sure. It could be the have veto/movie ownership rights as you are implying, it could be they have consulting rights, it could be anything really. TSG Entertainment co produced the 2015 FF as well. AFAIK, the company who presents is the one with the most rights, usually the movie rights to the source material, not the one(s) in association with

You guys get too worked up over these rights issues.
It's par for the course when it comes to Marvel. If El Topo and others are right, it should be easier to regain the rights to the FF movies under Constantin, if not, it will be a hard task. Marvel makes almost nothing on these licensed properties, so there's no incentive for their holders to give them up, especially if you're one of the Big 6. I wouldn't if I were Fox, Sony, or Universal. The can only get those rights they gave away in the 90s if Disney dumps up the trucks full of money or if they serve a termination note under the Copyright Acts of 1976 17 U.S.C. §203 after a certain amount of years. That's assuming the courts find an author who gained rights through work for hire is the original author and eligible to do so, which is doubtful.
LOL. The german title for Thor: Ragnarok is Thor: Day of Decisions.

I'm already at war with their german social mediasites over this.

This is so fucking dumb especially since it means the awesome logo won't be in the german version.

Marvel says it is because of license issues. Which seems to be nonsense since Thor:Ragnarok exists as a comic aswell over here and Ragnarok can't be patented itself as a word.
You know if they wanted to bring Ghost Rider Coulson into Infinity War, it would probably work without them otherwise referencing anything about AoS. He died in Avengers, back from hell as Ghost Rider
Marvel says it is because of license issues. Which seems to be nonsense since Thor:Ragnarok exists as a comic aswell over here and Ragnarok can't be patented itself as a word.
They just want to defend to guy who came up with the title.
But maybe there is a chance. Spider-Man changed the title in the end, too...
This is the first time we've ever openly discussed Agents of Shield spoilers not even a day after it premiered in these community threads, and I was caught off-guard, and it stings, having been there every week and getting the last moments spoiled..

I'm all for us having open discussions with no spoiler tags though, kind of like what we've done up till now.

But fuck.
So anyone up for marathoning those 10,000 minutes right before Infinity War or Avengers 4 lol?

There's scans out of the new Empire issue showing now images, and I kind of wish the suit would look like it does behind the camera with wrinkles, making it seem more like clothes rather than be so skin tight as in the movie itself.
Just finished the series finale, and holy shit was this episode some of the best, if not the best of the entire show. I'll even go further, and say this season of Agents of Shield is up there with the very best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, being better than all of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist too.

Holy fuck at that finale.

Ghost Rider is one of the best characters too. The powers in this episode felt like something straight out of Thor and Doctor Strange.



And this is new. FOX owns S.W.O.R.D., not Marvel:
Wait, it's okay for us to post pictures of magazines now too? If so, here's a few of Spider-Man: Homecoming:

And this is what I talked about earlier, how his costume wrinkles and such in this behind the scene image, I wish it was like that in the movie too:

Matt looks dumb with Jessica's scarf on his head. I hope it's only for that one hallway scene/episode. Just use the black mask from the first season. Actually, now that Danny Rand don't have a costume, they should have just gone back to the black outfit.
It would look like CGI all the time, indeed
What do you mean?

If the suit had wrinkles, and they went to the length as they did adding effects and such like they did for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, it would look even more glorious on screen. Instead of the skin tight suit we've seen in Civil War, and is most likely also getting for Homecoming.
I forgot some words :D
No, I just thought the suit in Civil War looked a but to tight and to perfect from time to time. I would have loved some small details like the winkels, too.


Batteries the CRISIS!
So anyone up for marathoning those 10,000 minutes right before Infinity War or Avengers 4 lol?
Doing some back-of-a-napkin math, we'd be up to about 12,700 minutes of footage by the time Infinity War releases, haha. Another 45 hours after Spider-Man, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, The Defenders, The Punisher, Inhumans and all but the last four episodes of Agents of SHIELD season five release!

We are getting 45 hours of MCU in the next 352 days. Maybe more if Cloak & Dagger, Runawawys or New Warriors come out in that time.
Interesting. I don't watch SHIELD but
that was my first thought when I heard Coulson wakes up in a spacecraft I.e. SWORD abducted them. It even seemed like the interview with the show runners was pushing that, so curious to see where that goes.

I agree that we need to clarify out spoilersituation again.
Is it like before?
I think just common sense rules apply; don't immediately spoil shows or films I.e. Wait a three to four days or just post in the OTs of said films, don't post direct set leak pictures if there's something super spoilery in them, but rumors are fair game since they're not really confirmable.
This was what I got pissed about earlier. It was kind of a dick move to post two gifs only hours after the finale, and then openly talk about a main character change. It sucked big time.

It can be discussed in here but just use spoiler tags if it's literally a few hours after it has aired.


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As someone who also doesn't watch SHIELD, I just heard Coulson has become
Ghost Rider now?

For a literal hot second...
He asked Robbie to let the Rider into him so they could trick the bad guy. It came at a cost, which we won't know until next season. After they killed the bad guy, the Rider went back into Robbie.
I didn't even see the link to the new thread in the old one. No wonder my subscriptions have seemed dead. Nice to see my name in the bottom half of the top posters.

Also, I really need to catch up AoS. I left off before Christmas. I felt less pressure to keep up when I figured it had minimal chances for renewal.