Marvel Future Fight |OT| To Me, My X-Men

I only have enough crystals for 3 uniforms, but can't say I ever really cared for any of the thor or hulk characters. But I'm hoping for some surprises. Sitting on 7 5* rank up tickets and 5 tier 2 tickets and bios from sl.


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3.5 update deets:

Valkyrie is the paywall, other 2 are bio selects.

Uni prices are different, yet reduced? More upgrade mats needed, better stats...

Includes Cinematic Battle mode, which has new rewards based on having character unis and milestones. Cards have a new collevtion aspect, new ones are added, and you can long-press to find where they are located.

Iso8 and Gear upgrading has been overhauled, and there are NEW special gears added with new effects.

All Atk / def of Wolvie's costume is buffed too.

A meaty update, to be sure. Sorry for odd formating, posting from a tablet!
I screwed up the Halloween event. Went into the last stage with Dorm/Strange/Jean, had it on auto, noticed it had been running for ten mins and wondered what was going on, didn’t realise the boss was immune to energy attacks so there was nothing I could do but cancel out.
Now I’m going to finish the event with 295 tokens.
I'm just happy I didn't get any crashes running the event.

TL sucks like always with Quicksilver starting with skill 5 and then 4 and repeat stun locking whoever I put out. Wolvie is just as bad with his heal and everybody have invincibility obelisks. Lots of timeout battles.
Best thing for timeline (besides just throwing in the garbage recommended characters and getting beat in 5 seconds) is just chucking on auto play and come back in 20 minutes.

I can't even stand watching it.
Future Fight always dipped its toes in the RNG lootbox pool, but now it looks like it's full on going for a swim with the next patch.

3 out of the 5 characters in the next update are locked behind RNG lootboxes. Considering the resources it takes to upgrade these characters to Tier 2 this could potentially mean dumping a lot of cash into these boxes just to upgrade them.

Hopefully the community backlash will be enough to get this reversed, or changed so that there are alternate ways of getting the lootbox locked characters.
I used the converter and use a mega rank up to get antiman to lvl 6 and gears up to 15. Might actually do the same with nova.

On a side note TL still sucks. They really don't like banning qs.