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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm new to fighting games and/or Marvel vs. Capcom, and watching videos makes everything looks pretty chaotic and intimidating. How accessible is this game?
Accessibility has different meanings to different people. The gameplay systems in MvC:I were intentionally designed to make the game more accessible to newbies and casual players with the switch back to 2v2 gameplay and the inclusion of several options for players at lower skill levels or those who can't put as much time into the game but still want to enjoy it. Ultimately, to get better at the game, the more you will need to actively experiment, learn, and apply what you learn to get better. Without that effort and investment, you can't expect yourself to play like a pro who does put that effort in, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun.

MvC:I has several new accessibility options (which can be turned off in the settings) for these players. These include an easy super system, which will do a super if you hit both heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. An auto-combo system, whereby if you repeatedly press the the light punch button, your character will do a combo on the ground, launch the opponent, combo them in the air, and finish by slamming them back to the ground. These accessibility options severely limit your options to a single super and the same, unoptimized combo every time you do them, however, so keep that in mind.

Even with the accessibility settings turned off, comboing light punch, light kick, heavy kick, and crouching heavy punch is a universal combo (sometimes referred to as a "magic series") that any character in the game can do, which does a basic ground combo and then launches the opponent into the air for you to super jump and follow up, helping you get a handle on new characters much easier.

Here is a more in-depth article about designing the game to be more accessible while still trying to maintain the depth the series is known for.​
How long is the story mode?
~2 hours, could be more or less depending on how you play.​
So many of the characters look similar to how they looked in UMvC3, what's the deal, and are they any different?
We probably will never know for sure, but the entire game seems to appear as if it's been made on a really tight budget and/or with inexperienced modelers. Upon closer inspection, most of the characters that are returning from UMvC3 are higher poly/more detailed, have tweaks to their designs and texturework, but share the majority of their animations with MvC3 and ultimately are more similar than different.

However, most of the returning characters have new moves or move properties that can range from being neat additions to the character's arsenal to drastically changing how they play. In fighting games, even the smallest changes can make you reassess how you employ a character's entire toolset.​
What if I played a lot of (U)MvC3 or previous Marvel games and still have some of that muscle memory, what has changed most about the gameplay that I should be aware of?
The biggest things:

- Assists are gone, and replaced with the Active Switch mechanic, fundamentally changing how you create set ups, manage health between characters, and much more. The game effectively plays more like Street Fighter X Tekken than it does UMvC3 in these regards.
- Many (but not all) DP/SRK motions have been replaced with down-down motions.
- The control scheme has changed from A/B/C/S/Assist1/Assist2 to LP/HP/LK/HK/InfinitySurge/ActiveSwitch. This results in many moves that previously had three variations now only having two and those changes ripple throughout the movesets of characters.
- While X-Factor powered you up in almost every way possible, those bonuses (and many new ones) are now split across 6 different Infinity Surges, so you will have to be more strategic about what benefits your specific team most and choose the appropriate Infinity Stone.
- The hyper combo gauge now only holds 4 stocks instead of 5.​
Did Capcom fix Chun-Li and others' faces?
Several characters, including Chun-Li, Chris, and Dante, received tweaks to their models late into development, with Capcom promising additional tweaks to character models in the Day 1 patch. You can see a comparison here.​
Speaking of Day 1 patches, how big is it for MvC:I?
Patch 1.01 is 10.181GB on PS4; expect a similar sizes on XB1. The pre-load of the entire game on Steam is 55GB.​
What will the netcode be like for this game?
MvC:I will use a version of Capcom's proprietary roll-back Kagemusha netcode, which was introduced in SFV. It will not use the Capcom Fighting Network (CFN) used in SFV, but basically has all the same features. Early impressions are that the netcode is good, but early impressions are almost never reliable, especially before the game releases to the public (and the public's Internet).​
Can I buy characters with in-game currency, like in SFV?
No, as there is no in-game currency in MvC:I. DLC characters and premium costumes must be purchased with real money.​
What's in the 2017 Character Pass and how much does it cost?
The 2017 Character Pass includes 6 characters (Black Panther, Sigma, Venom, Monster Hunter (a female hunter in Rathalos Armor), The Winter Soldier, and Black Widow, plus a premium costume for each of those characters, and costs $30 USD.​
How much do those individual DLC characters and costumes cost?
So far, we know premium costumes will cost $3.99 USD each. Individual character pricing is currently unknown, although it will likely be less than or equal to $5 USD as that is their individual value in the 2017 Character Pass (not factoring in the premium costumes included in the pass).​
When will the characters in the 2017 Character Pass come out?
All 6 characters will release by the end of 2017. Specific release timing is currently unknown, but expect the first characters to hit in mid-to-late October.​
What DLC characters and premium costumes do we know about thus far?
With respect to characters, we only for sure know about 2017 Character Pass characters that have been announced thus far.

With respect to premium costumes, it's looking like every character will at least get one as they're announcing more and more as time goes on, and they will come out in "waves." What that means is yet to be determined as everything that we've seen thus far is designated as "Wave 2" in in-game menus. You can see a trailer for the pre-order costumes here and associated Funko figurines of some of the others here. Currently, we know about:

- Thor: Warrior (Standard or Deluxe or Collector's pre-order)
- Ryu: Evil (Standard or Deluxe or Collector's pre-order)
- Hulk: Gladiator (Deluxe or Collector's pre-order)
- X: Command Mission (Deluxe or Collector's pre-order)
- Captain Marvel: Major Carol Danvers (PS4 Exclusive) (Trailer)
- Spider-Man: Superior (Comes with pre-ordering digital version of Spider-Man: Homecoming)
- Rocket Raccoon: Marvel NOW
- X: TrueForce
- Gamora: Classic
- Ultron: Annihilation OR Age of Ultron look​
How long will this game be supported?
From this interview, we know MvC:I will be using the games-as-a-service model and will be supported for years post-launch.​
Will this game be a part of the Capcom Pro Tour?
Nothing has been officially announced, but given a leaked proposal and hints over the past year, it is likely, but probably won't start until the current Pro Tour season is over.​
Where are the X-Men? How did they decide what characters got into the game vs. those that didn't?
It's widely believed that the lack of X-Men is due to a "ban" on X-Men and Fantastic Four characters in Marvel games that you can learn more about in this great post by Neoxon which summarizes the issue and how MvC:I specifically is affected. There have been multiple reliable teases and rumours that the X-Men are coming back as DLC in 2018, and it seems likely given how Marvel games previously affected by the ban are now reintroducing X-Men characters into their rosters, but nothing is for certain until it's officially announced.

Characters were, officially, chosen primarily based upon how they would fit into the story mode with some gameplay considerations for characters that needed to fill out the roster with a variety of gameplay styles. Both Capcom and Marvel had input on what characters made the Marvel side of the roster.​
Are there Japanese voices?
No, and this doesn't appear to be the case even in the Japanese version of the game.​
How do I unlock colours 3 and 4 for each character?
Play a total of 5 arcade or online battles with a character to unlock their colour 3, and a total of 10 to unlock their colour 4.​
How do I unlock the rest of the stages?
Finish Story Mode.​
Is there cross-play?
Is there legacy arcade stick support on PS4 and X1?
Unknown at this time, which means likely not.​
What are the minimum and reccomended system requirements on PC?

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No Japanese VO? Huh. Oh well, I guess. Game should still be fun. I've been pretty distant from this outside of news beats, so I'm going in fairly fresh compared to MvC3 (which I then barely touched).
Amazing OT OP and woof that title haha. Too much to do this year to pick this up at launch, (also still feeling burnt by buying SFV at launch), but can't wait to eventually pick this up.


The Steam equivalent of the drunk friend who keeps offering to pay your tab all night.
Everyone that is into Infinite all agreed to it. lol
nope. Days of Functions Past was much better.

also when you put the : after the Capcom the idea that its supposed to be a parody of Marvel vs Capcom 4 crumbles. a MVC4 game couldnt be called Marvel vs Capcom: 4 Return of the X-Men, it would be called Marvel vs Capcom 4: Return of the X-Men.

The way its reading now it doesnt sound like a pun.
I want this game to look and sound better. :-(

I'll jump in if it gets another upgrade some day (and when the game and its DLC is on-sale).

Edit: Great OT by the way! I should've said that first!
I wonder if I'll have anyone to play against if I get this on XOne X...

Is this game going to get enhanced for Pro and X1X? I didn't see info in op...