Mass Effect 3 ''Fight'' Live Action Trailer

Why do they HAVE to show "Better with Kinect" in every damn ME3 trailers?

It's like saying "Buy it on 360, it sucks on PS3 and PC!".
ME3 is literally at the front of microsoft's kinect for core gamers campaign, you know Bioware and EA are getting their pockets lined with cash for doing it.
I like that live action trailers are becoming the new bullshots trailer.

No, really, I approve. I think it's awesome.

Instead of tricking us with fake footage, you make a little companion piece that feels like something out of a big budget film to get us excited and I'm down with that.

Shame, they couldn't get Mark Vanderloo for Shepard.
Yeah...that's really ridiculous. They can get him to do every single fucking piece of DLC that gets released, but can't get him for a live action trailer?
Well, due to data usage and slow connection, again I can't watch. :(

I don't think I remember a video game on GAF get so much hype as ME3 is getting. But hey, as I've mentioned previously they can milk this franchise until there's no cows left for all I care.
Bioware is really trying hard to capture bro gamers aren't they? This feels too much like the live action halo commercials or the gears of war ones, except not as good.
Just watched it. Trailer was pretty meh and CG fits much better. Game will still be amazing, but I hope the launch trailer can get some hype rolling like the ME2 one.
Launch trailer for ME2 was one of the best game trailers ever. This trailer though, this is shit. The entire marketing campaign is just a poor copy of those used by other blockbuster titles. At this rate the ME3 launch trailer will have Eminem rapping over the top of it.
I'm really turned off by this whole marketing campaign. I expect this for Halo, but not Mass Effect. ME is not about some super dude with a gun saving the universe, because the aliens killed a little girl.
The people kissing was stupid. They were like desperately open mouthed making out. Were they about to start having sex right there on the burning rubble they used to call a street?