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Materialism Thread - Show off your much loved latest/greatest acquisitions...


Got a PS5 that you keep perving on outta the corner of your eye? Recently picked up a PSP 1000 in mint condition and wish technology had paused in 2005? Has an XSX recently landed in your living room and sparked runaway evolution in your gaming universe?

How about a hot new car? New watch? New wedding ring (congrats!)?

I'll start us off. I'm an architect by trade but do a lot of drawn art in my free time, and I was recently exploring some old retiree-ran stationary store where I picked up a box of these... I then rode my bike all over my (rather large) city (which i cannot name for fear of being labeled a white tower-dweller) to find ink that isn't dried in its cartridge so I can actually use these babies! My first task for them? Make a drawing for the bedroom wall of my brother's incoming baby :)

Love the yellowed old box, but the finely made German technical pens inside are still in mint condition... Really feel like some kinda stationary Indiana Jones! And no shit I went on a hell of an odyssey to find the ink, a real joy... You can rest the pens in the box-things at the top of the photo, to easily switch between them.. and you have to jerk them to bring ink to the tip... so legit! Bit of an anachronism in this day of CAD design work for architecture, but I'll use them for art and neatly sidestep that...
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With another kid born earlier this year we’re planning on upgrading our little tent camper as it’s too crowded with the four of us and the dog. I ended up upgrading my towing vehicle first as my 2006 dad SUV was starting to be a bit of a jalopy and wouldn’t be able to pull what I have in mind. So I got a 2018 Ram before right before the market went insane, then sold my old vehicle for way more than I thought I’d get for it because some lady with 5 kids got her Biden bucks right when I listed it, lucky me.
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