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Matrix Awakens | PS5 vs Xbox Series S/X | First Unreal Engine 5 Graphics & FPS Comparison

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PS5: dynamic 1620p at 30fps
(1404p common)
Series S: dynamic 1080p at 30fps
(828p common)
Series X: dynamic 1620p at 30fps
(1404p common)

- It's the first time we can see a direct comparison of Unreal Engine 5 on new generation consoles taking advantage of the new features.
- All 3 versions use Temporal Super Resolution to upsampling to the original resolution.
- The models have been recreated using Metahuman.
- Lumen has been used for global illumination and reflections. Xbox Series S displays a lower setting, resulting in lower resolution reflections and shadows or more noise in ambient occlusion.
- Chaos is the new physics and destruction engine applied by Unreal Engine 5. Vehicle hits have very good results, but they have a big impact on performance.
- The World Partition & Rule Processor has been used for the creation of the city.
- The new geometry virtualization system (Nanite) is also present. Xbox Series S shows a lower configuration in this section as well.
- Loading times are fastest on Series S, followed by PS5 and Xbox Series X by tenths of a second. They hardly need 5 seconds to load the world.
- The framerate during cinematics suffers constant stuttering at 24/25fps on all three platforms.
- During gameplay, Series S and PS5 have a more stable framerate than Xbox Series X. During driving and impacts, they can drop up to 20fps.
- The quality of the texturing seems to be the same on all 3 platforms.
- The drawn distance is slightly lower on Xbox Series S.
- It is a very interesting first contact with Unreal Engine 5, although it was a technical demo (quite complete). Without a doubt, a bright future awaits us with this engine.
Not open for further replies.
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