Max: The Curse of Brotherhood coming to PlayStation 4 This Fall.


Wired Productions partners with Danish development studio Flashbulb Games to secure global retail distribution rights on PS4
Watford, United Kingdom, September 12, 2017: Wired Productions, a leading independent videogames publisher and developer, is today pleased to announce a new partnership with Danish developer Flashbulb Games to bring the much-loved, and critically acclaimed, physics-based puzzle/platformer, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood to PlayStation 4.
Be wary playstation users, this will be your new "game is not avaliable in some regions, put Max TCoB there" for PS+

But it's pretty fun and definitely worth a try.
Is there an owl sidekick in the game?
No sidekicks, and has nothing to do with the cartoon. It's at best a nod, but I highly doubt even that considering the original game had a much different look.

Sad they never got the chance to make the third one, the prototypes I heard about sounded cool.