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McCarthy says pelosi holding articles of impeachemnt to hurt Sanders iowa chances


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018


Aug 30, 2014
The timing is either suspicious or idiotic. Sacrificing Warren to get rid of Sanders makes sense to me. Maybe Warren drank too much woke koolaid and takes her socialism seriously now, so they want her gone too.

Afro Republican

Aug 24, 2016
Doesn't make any sense.

Pelosi already has a time limit to send in the articles after Mitch signed the resolution, she has less than one month maximum to send the bills, and they could move to end it quicker than that without her sending them.

The only debate for this month is tomorrow. There are 3 debates in February, but after NH we are already going to be close to the time limit expiring, and we already know there won't be much of a trial. They will move to acquit Trump, as quoted by several senators and Mitch, "in days" not weeks.

If Pelosi wanted to hurt Sanders she should have dragged out the house hearings until the start of this year, that way she could have held the articles throughout February, and then give it to the Senate later having the trial continue into March. She didn't do that, she delayed it since December, and now we are close to the middle of January. She now has a de facto time limit and can't hold them much longer.
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