Me, Myself & Irene...Best comedy this decade? Yep.

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DieNgamers said:
I haven't seen the movie in the op but my personal favourites are these, anyway:

Hot Fuzz

Shaun of the Dead

Just seeing those pics makes me grin. :D
You have got the right idea, man.

Also, I liked The Hangover, but I don't think it would really stand up to repeat viewings.
DKehoe said:
I didn't find Anchorman to be as funny as everyone said. Maybe because it took me a while to get round to seeing it and by that time I had already had every good part ruined by so many people repeating it.
i've seen it about four times and it still cracks me up. like, when baxter all of sudden starts communicating with the bear at the end, i cannot control myself. one of the most consistently funny movies i've ever seen.


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Chao said:
I don't know where's the funny on those movies. I was told Shaun of the Dead was the best fucking zombie comedy of the century, and I didn't laugh a single time.

Superbad on the other hand...

Shawn of the dead was fucking funny. Best Zombie film of the decade. If only because it took a tire genre, and made it fun to poke at. If you didn't laugh at them mimicking zombies to get to the pub, you have no soul.

Hot Fuzz wasn't funny, I'll admit. Terrible Pegg movie.

And Superbad is horrible. WTF dude.
Yeah, you can also add me to the group who found Shaun of the Dead to be fucking hilarious, yet Hot Fuzz just terribly unfunny. I actually watched it twice just to make sure I wasn't just in a shitty mood, but nope -- the movie's not funny at all.


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Shaun of the Dead was awesome.

Hot Fuzz was decent, but Kopps dealth with sort of the same theme, and was way funnier.

Zoolander is shit. Utter fucking shit. It's about as unfunny as can be.
My picks?

Superbad - I've never laughed so hard in a theatre... ever
Anchorman - infinitely rewatchable
Rolemodels - just a plain surprise as to how funny it was and thusly stands out in memory
Shaun of the Dead - parody of zombie movies out zombie movies zombie movies, and it's hilarious to boot

Hot Fuzz sucked.
Nah.Truly great comedies have at least one great, unforgettable performance. MMI doesn't. Also, have the Farrelly brothers ever created an even slightly memorable villain (other than Murray stealing the show in Kingpin)?

My vote would be to the endlessly quotable Anchorman. I think I might put Role Models second....yep, we need to have a thread to vote on this.


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Mama Robotnik said:
I elect Anchorman as personal best comedy of the decade. It was funny and really surprised me by brilliantly balancing period and eclectic humour. It didn't give away all the jokes in the trailer. Amazing performances all round. Superb effort.
QF motherfockin T
My favorites (in terms of stuff that's just straight comedy):

Shaun of the Dead-This movie is hysterical. Everybody's comedic timing is perfect, and the jokes are all very funny. The characters are very fun to watch, especially Pegg's and Frost's. Plus, it manages to be both a good zombie movie and a good romantic comedy at the same time.
Superbad-This movie makes me laugh so hard. I also think that it's got a lot of heart; it's my personal favorite high school comedy of the decade.
40 Year Old Virgin-I don't count Funny People as a comedy, so I'm choosing this from Apatow's work. Carrell gives a performance that is both funny and likable, and there are so many good lines.
Zoolander-This movie is absurd and hilarious. I honestly can't believe that it exists, really. It's strange as hell.
Step Brothers-Hilarious. No other word for it. It's batshit crazy and insanely quotable.
Hot Fuzz-Like Shaun of the Dead, this manages to be a good cop movie while simultaneously being a good buddy comedy. It's as good as Shaun of the Dead.
Pineapple Express-Best stoner comedy of the decade. Franco is damn funny.


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omg rite said:
No, the 90's were a sad decade for comedies. the 2000's were a return to some great ones.
I have to disagree. The 90s had some classics. Dumb and Dumber, Austin Powers, Friday, The Nutty Professor, Groundhog Day, and I know I'm leaving out a lot more.


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I completely agree with the title of this thread. I've watched this movie more than any other one, probably, and it's always been a favorite of mine.
Sol.. said:
Black Dynamite...

but 99% of gaf hasn't seen it because the diabolical dick shrinking man has been keeping it down.
I've been meaning to see this, the trailers are hilarious.

Anyway Old School and Borat come to mind as does Hangover. If we are counting Pixar movies then Finding Nemo has to be up there.

For me it has to be O Brother Where Art Thou, I love that movie.
I would probably go with Undercover Brother if I had to choose.

Shaun of the Dead, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Team America: World Police would be right up there as well, along with others I am probably forgetting right about now.


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Barrage said:
MST 3000
Simpsons 90's
Kids In The Hall
In Living Colour

No. Just no.
AD and Curb are better than MST and In Living Colour though. Also stuff like both versions of The Office and It's Always Sunny. Yeah, I'd have to put the 00's slightly above the 90's too
You can't really appreciate most comedies on other merits besides your personal sense of humor.

It's not like any of these films have great acting, music, directing, cinematography, or whatever.


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Speevy said:
You can't really appreciate most comedies on other merits besides your personal sense of humor.

It's not like any of these films have great acting
, music, directing, cinematography, or whatever.
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