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Media Create Numbers: 8 - 14 Nov


Media Create Software Sales: 8 - 14 Nov
platform title publisher this week total
1 GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Square Enix 203,271 new
2 PS2 Magna Carta Banpresto 121,946 new
3 Xbox Halo 2 Microsoft 37,507 new
4 GBA Zelda no Densetsu: Fushigi no Boushi Nintendo 31,098 128,079
5 GC Mario Tennis GC Nintendo 22,339 252,104
6 GBA Mawaru Made in Wario Nintendo 15,327 215,727
7 PS2 Shining Tears Sega 15,219 81,092
8 PS2 Ace Combat 5: Unsung War Namco 14,425 259,465
9 GBA Pokemon Emerald Pokemon 14,093 1,163,017
10 PS2 Harvest Moon: Oh! Wonderful Life Marvelous Interactive 12,995 new

Media Create Hardware Sales: 8 - 14 Nov
platform this week last week 2004 total
1 PlayStation 2 67,558 114,831 2,026,980
2 GameBoy Advance SP 43,959 27,611 2,125,520
3 Gamecube 4,860 4,656 516,493
4 Xbox 1,200 4,959 32,966
5 Gameboy Advance 1,024 982 189,677
6 Swan Crystal 76 108 7,156
7 PSone 60 80 13,754


Fire Emblem sure died fast.

KH: COM sales are pretty damn good.

Zelda sales + GC sales make me wonder about how well Zelda XII will perform.
almokla said:
Nintendo is d00m3d ..

and nice to see alo 2 up there :D

alo2? haha.. alo alo.

Umm.. good sales. the japanese love of kawaii DIsney is unabated - KH was a huge hit though and I am unsurprised. The SE marquee can't hurt. LOZ looks like its going to have legs. I'm not too worried. GBA titles have lower production costs so Nintendo will make a profit by selling less - they're doing okay imo. (PLUS they get royalty of sales of KH + everything else on GBA)


AniHawk said:
Fire Emblem sure died fast.

KH: COM sales are pretty damn good.

Zelda sales + GC sales make me wonder about how well Zelda XII will perform.
You're insane. It will do just fine.


Wow, that really is impressive for Kingdom Hearts!

Huge numbers.

Very sad for Zelda though, why the hell isn't it selling??


wow, KH has seemingly overtaken Zelda in popularity...and only the second KH game too. Nintendo is doomed... :p

unless people only like OoT style Zelda these days.


LowTecky said:
Yeah, occupying a mere five of the top ten slots.

KH and Zelda seems like they should be switched

No, Zelda is doomed.

KH is the new Zelda. Since it's you know, better. Way. Better.
Naked Snake said:
TheGreenGiant, your avatar is over the allowed size limit, and it's ugly to boot.

:| there's a size limit? I didn't spend a lot of time configuring it. Its ugly? :| I could have sworn you were one of the gay ones on this forum adegary.


My aunt & uncle run a Mom & Pop store, "The Gamecube Hut", and sold 80k WiiU within minutes of opening.
Its ok, ssx will resize it for you.


Not bad numbers for Halo 2, Xbox might have 1000+ sales 3 weeks in the row, since Platinum Pack 3 was released yesterday.


Jonnyram said:
You should check out the user reviews on sites like amazon though. Some very unhappy customers out there :lol

For Magna Carta, I simply don't like the art style, I think the things are being overdone too much.
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