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Media Create Sales: 25 - 31 Oct


Media Create Software Sales: 25 - 31 Oct
platform title publisher this week total
1 GC Mario Tennis GC Nintendo 185,701 new
2 PS2 Ace Combat 5: Unsung War Namco 47,733 220,949
3 PS2 Armored Core: Nine Breaker From Software 43,949 new
4 GBA Mawaru Made in Wario Nintendo 40,298 182,180
5 PS2 Stella Deus Atlus 33,745 new
6 PS2 Pride of the Dragon Peace SCE 31,256 new
7 PS2 Pachislot Deka Dan 2 Tecmo 27,045 new
8 PS2 The King of Fighters 2003 SNK Playmore 24,589 new
9 GBA Pokemon Emerald Pokemon 21,970 1,131,136
10 PS2 True Crime: Streets of L.A. Capcom 16,024 new

Media Create Hardware Sales: 25 - 31 Oct
platform this week last week 2004 total
1 GameBoy Advance SP 30,506 29,324 2,053,950
2 PlayStation 2 19,345 19,530 1,844,591
3 Gamecube 6,170 3,992 506,977
4 Gameboy Advance 810 744 187,671
5 Xbox 271 259 26,807
6 PSone 75 35 13,614
7 Swan Crystal 44 38 6,972

Source: Media Create

king zell

wow @ Mario Tennis

I think 185,701 is very good for a start

this is even better than Pikmin 2 (161,930) and Paper Mario 2 (137,750) first week


it's not a surprise... great multiplayer games do well on GC in Japan. MP6 is going to sell great. I wouldn't be suprised to see it do a million.


multiplayer games do well on GC. SSBM and MKDD are the top two selling games. MP5 did extremely well too.


Junior Member
Sales for everything are pretty horrible. In fact, those ps2 numbers and other console numbers are horrible. The GBA is owning Japan with around 55% of total hardware sales. When the DS and psp hit the handheld marketshare will totally DOMINATE. It's gonna be great seeing Kens face when the ps2 gets superceded by the psp. In fact I think Drinky's gonna be shattered too. I think its gonna be time to campaign for a one handheld future soon. **** the consoles.


rollin' in the gutter
callous said:
W.t.f. is True Crime doing in a top 10 of most sold games in Japan?

GTA did respectively in Japan, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Plus 16,000 copies sold is nothing to call home about.


deadlifter said:
GTA did respectively in Japan, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Well, it is a surprise to me :p I really hadn't expected to see a mediocre GTA clone show up on a list like this. No matter if it is just a weekly list. Interesting.
Excellent sales for Mario Tennis. It could end up shifting quite a lot, possibly even 700-800k. It all depends on whether or not the game was released too early to still be in the minds of people come buying season. Things just tend to disappear after a few weeks in Japan.


Mistaken iRobbery!
Gchaime said:
Does anyone else find it interesting that Capcom both published GTA and True Crime? Because i do.
Capcom also published The Getaway in Japan as well. Oh the deception!
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