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Media Create Sales 3/19 - 3/25


01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

01. (PS2, Koei) Musou Orochi - 406,247 / NEW
02. (NDS, Nintendo) Yoshi's Island DS - 100,812 / 535,770
03. (NDS, Bandai-Namco) Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Goku Legend - 65,203 / NEW
04. (NDS, Bandai-Namco) Word Puzzle Mojipittan DS - 64,005 / 135,706
05. (PSP, Capcom) Monster Hunter Portable 2nd - 51,952 / 1,052,550
06. (WII, Nintendo) Wii Sports - 46,362 / 1,250,596
07. (NDS, Banpresto) Crayon Shin-chan DS: Arashi wo Sakebunutte Crayon Daisakusen! - 38,413 / NEW
08. (NDS, Level 5) Prof. Layton and the Mysterious Village - 37,912 / 335,300
09. (WII, Nintendo) Wii Play - 37,289 / 1,070,334
10. (NDS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros. - 25,184 / 4,257,646

11. (NDS, Square-Enix) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker
12. (NDS, Nintendo) More Brain Age
13. (NDS, Nintendo) Animal Crossing Wild World
14. (NDS, Nintendo) Mario Kart DS
15. (NDS, Banpresto) Super Robot Wars W
16. (PS2, Sony) Rogue Galaxy: Director's Cut
17. (NDS, Nintendo) Common Knowledge Training
18. (NDS, Square-Enix) Front Mission 1st
19. (360, From Software) Armored Core 4
20. (NDS, Nintendo) English Training
21. (NDS, Nintendo) Brain Age
22. (PS3, Bandai-Namco) Gundam Musou
23. (NDS, Pokemon) Pokémon Diamond
24. (NDS, Marvelous Interactive) Magister Negi Magi
25. (WII, Nintendo) Wario Ware Smooth Moves
26. (NDS, Bandai-Namco) Iron Left Brain: Mistake Museum 2
27. (NDS, Pokemon) Pokémon Pearl
28. (NDS, Marvelous Interactive) Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On
29. (NDS, Sega) Doraemon's New Magic World Adventure DS
30. (NDS, Sega) Love+Berry
31. (NDS, Konami) Survival Kids: Lost in Blue 2
32. (PS2, Hackberry) Pachinko Hana-oh: Misora Hibari
33. (NDS, Nintendo) Picross DS
34. (PS2, EA) The Godfather
35. (PS2, Spike) Kenka Bancho 2: Full Throttle
36. (NDS, Spike) IQ Supply
37. (NDS, Sega) Puyo-Puyo!
38. (NDS, IE Institute) Kanji Brain Test 2M
39. (NDS, Rocket Co.) Kanji Test
40. (PS2, Taito) Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarden
41. (NDS, Nintendo) Wario: Master of Disguise
42. (NDS, Nintendo) 1000 Recipes
43. (WII, Nintendo) Fire Emblem: Goddess of the Dawn
44. (NDS, Nintendo) Kirby Squeek Squad
45. (NDS, Hudson) Bomberman Story DS
46. (NDS, Konami) Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 1st Love
47. (NDS, Square-Enix) Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana
48. (NDS, Nintendo) Hotel Dusk: Room 215
49. (PSP, Sega) Puyo-Puyo!
50. (NDS, Konami) Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: World Championship 2007

NDS - 36
PS2 - 6
WII - 4
PSP - 2
PS3 - 1
360 - 1

Hardware - This Week | Last Week |       YTD |        LTD
1. NDS   -   130,684 |   121,630 | 1,850,279 | 15,855,958
2. WII   -    75,571 |    67,070 |   990,710 |  1,910,353
3. PSP   -    41,546 |    43,769 |   645,474 |  5,177,603
4. PS3   -    20,459 |    21,635 |   336,934 |    794,492
5. PS2   -    16,961 |    13,321 |   240,914 | 20,395,773
6. 360   -     3,492 |     2,910 |    75,124 |    339,826
7. GBA   -     1,394 |     1,293 |    28,305 | 15,326,384
8. NGC   -       270 |       367 |     5,309 |  4,174,777
GBA = 22 GBA + 607 SP + 765 Micro
NDS = 135 DS + 130,549 Lite


New for the week of 3/26 - 4/1:
PS2 - 12
Vitamin X (D3 Publisher)
Simple 2000 Series, Vol. 115: THE Room-Sharing Life (D3 Publisher)
Winning Post 7: Maximum 2007 (Koei)
Gakuen Utopia: Manabi Straight! Kira-kira * Happy Festa! (Marvelous Interactive)
New Harvest Moon: Pure, Innocent Life (Marvelous Interactive)
Fist of the North Star: Shinban no Futazousei - Kengou Retsuden (Sega)
Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (Square-Enix)
Taito Memories 2, Vol. 2 (Taito)
Zoids Infinity (Takara-Tomy)
Zoids Struggle (Takara-Tomy)
Zoids Tactics (Takara-Tomy)
Pro Baseball Spirits 4 (Konami)
PS3 - 2
Winning Post 7: Maximum 2007 (Koei)
Pro Baseball Spirits 4 (Konami)
360 - 2
Absolute Blazing Infinity (Idea Factory)
Call of Duty 3 (Spike)
NDS - 15
Gamics Vol. 1: Sangokushi Ch. 3 (ASNetworks)
Simple DS Series, Vol. 13: THE Storm Drift Rally (D3 Publisher)
Atama de DO! Kotenkotenko (Dorasu)
Heartwarming, Beautiful Aquarium DS: Whale/Dolphin/Penguin (Ertain)
Heartwarming, Beautiful Aquarium DS: Tetra/Guppy/Angelfish (Ertain)
Puzzle Series, Vol. 13: Kanji Puzzle (Hudson)
Puzzle Series, Jigsaw Puzzle: Oden-kun 2 (Hudson)
TOEIC Test Training DS (IE Institute)
Shakugan no Shana (Media Works)
Tamagotchi's Splendid Rainbow-venture (Bandai-Namco)
Digimon Story: Sunburst (Bandai-Namco)
Digimon Story: Moonlight (Bandai-Namco)
More English Training (Nintendo)
My Melody Angel Book: Electric Notebook & Enjoy Game (TDK Core)
Home Teacher Hitman Reborn! DS (Takara-Tomy)
WII - 1
Mezase!! Fishing Master (Hudson)

Media Create Sales 3/20/06 - 3/26/06
Media Create Sales 2/5 - 2/11
Media Create Sales 2/12 - 2/18
Media Create Sales 2/19 - 2/25
Media Create Sales 2/26 - 3/4
Media Create Sales 3/5 - 3/11
Media Create Sales 3/12 - 3/18


WiiSports and WiiPlay saw some nice jumps from last week which is quite odd. Larger shipments, perhaps?

YIDS has some nice legs. I'm sure it'll be the DS' next million seller.


Wastes hours checking old Famitsu software data, but that's why we love him.
Well, if the Wii Sports correlation is still holding strong then Wii hardware should have a nice week.


Fetishing muscular manly men in skintight hosery
It seems it's Animal Crossing's turn to be doomed this week.

Edit: Damn you, Kevar!


Looks like it will be more DS-domination (if it is not enough already) in next week's chart: English Training, Digimon and Tamagochi on the same day...


perfectchaos007 said:
12 or the 22 DS games in the charts this weeks are 3rd party. I said WOW

100% of the PSP games on the chart are 3rd parties. Which do you think looks better in the long run?


What's the likelyhood of a YIDS2?

And go go Prof. Layton! (Now where is the announcement that it's coming to the states?!)


The black man everyone at Activision can agree on
I love Japan.. for all the hate and shit reviewers give us Dynasty Warriors lovers the dedicated fans keep on purchasing them... I can't wait til this next one comes over to the US.


Fetishing muscular manly men in skintight hosery
colinp said:
What's the likelyhood of a YIDS2?

About as likely as a third party doing well on a Nintendo platform.

Wait, maybe that didn't come out right.
AniHawk said:
100% of the PSP games on the chart are 3rd parties. Which do you think looks better in the long run?

Hmmm, you're right. I think 3rd party developers will see this and decide to develope for the PSP rather than the DS seeing as 3rd parties dominate on PSP.


Nice to see Layton up there. Sad to see Fire Emblem drop off, but not surprising. I was hoping Front Mission would do better to increase chances of a localization.


100k Yoshi? Wow... Did anyone think it would sell well in Japan?

Wii needs a new mini-non-game-game. Anything on the horizon?


Copying over from the old thread because I don't want it to be missed:

Vinnk said:
It will be done in a few hours (I will hit the stores after work), but I like to post it at the same time as Hardware is posted so that there can be some perspective with which items are supply constrained.

Also, any requests this week?
We probably should be checking on the availability of Yoshi's Island DS. Other than that, and the games/systems tracked last week, I don't see much that is likely to be supply constrained.
YYZ said:
Anyone know about Rogue Galaxy: DC? Any idea if this is coming to America?

It's the same thing we got since NA had a upgraded game. You know those Japanese can't stand even one new word of text. Everything must be rereleased there.


YYZ said:
Anyone know about Rogue Galaxy: DC? Any idea if this is coming to America?
I'm pretty sure it's the US version with the extra planet and missions. I could be wrong, but I'm almost sure of it.

Edit: beaten. doh.


the piano man
I think it's the first time ever that Pokemon Pearl beats Diamond in sales. :)

go Pearl!

EDIT: Obvioulsy, I am Blind.... buh pearl.
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